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Breakdown of the Show

This week is a continuation of last week’s coverage of the Texas A&M Turbomachinery Lab‘s 45th Turbomachinery and 32nd Pump Symposia at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

  • Drew Devitt, Chief Technology Officer for New Way Air Bearings, joins us to talk about their bearing technology which allows for very low friction by using compressed air in the dynamic bearing.
  • Colton Bach, Reliability Consultant with Machine Saver, talks maintenance and tracking of secondary equipment.
  • Lendell Keene, President of Keene Turbomachinery Services, joins us to talk about turbomachinery repair and maintenance.
  • Ken Tittel, Owner of Precise Mechanical Sales and Service, talks to us about the service and repair end of the industry.
  • Charles Schroeder, Service Manager with Hahn & Clay, joins us to talk about their shop and the large scale repair work they do.

Each Segment on Video

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Segment 1 – Intro

Segment 2 – Drew Devitt, New Way Air Bearing

Segment 3 – Colton Bach, Machine Saver

Segment 4 – Lendell Keene, Keene Turbomachinery Services

Segment 5 – Ken Tittel, Precise Mechanical

Segment 6 – Charles Schroeder, Hahn & Clay

Special Feature

Fraud Prevention Minute – Mary Murray, Amegy Bank

Listen to the Show in it's Entirety

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