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Join us as Matt Register and Jay Curry talk about the past 100 episodes (almost 2 years) of Texas Business Radio and look forward to the next 100.

Please excuse any typos in this hasty transcript.

Matt Register: Welcome to Texas Business Radio. This is Episode 100 if you can believe that. I never really thought we were going to get to Episode 100 but here we are. I’m your host Matt Register and this is Jay Curry sitting over in the co-host chair. We have a great show for you today about wealth management. We’re going to talk to some very, very smart guys that you know, when you spend your entire life building up company, you have a liquidity event, you end up with a pile of money in lieu of your company at the end of that transaction. These are the guys that make sure that you hold onto it. They make sure that it lasts. They m ake sure that it does everything you want it to do, and we have some really, really good ones scheduled for you for the rest of this show.
But for right now we want to talk a little bit about Texas Business Radio, this being our 100th episode, this being a benchmark for us. What do you think, Jay?

Jay Curry: Oh man, has this been fun and way over our expectations when we started. I mean, you think about our dream was to maybe prove the concept in Houston in a year, and in a year we were all over the state. Three years was our goal if we were lucky.

Matt Register: Yeah, and it didn’t take that long. We’ve had the opportunity to get in front of some very, very interesting guests.

Jay Curry: Yes.

Matt Register: And both of us when we started this show, we both have a passion for helping that entrepreneur grow his business and that’s not easy to do, is it?

Jay Curry: No, and you’re right. That was one of the common threads was you and I separate but exact interest in trying to help businesses grow, and wow! We’ve interviewed over 400 people. I think the number’s more like 435 people. Think about that. That’s just truly amazing and it’s so much innovation in this country, and showcasing these businesses and kind of learning how they did it, the little tricks and the luck that they had, the trials and tribulations. I’ve just enjoyed it so much, Matt. It’s been fabulous.

Matt Register: What’s been interesting to me in particular is every one of these companies are remarkable for a reason, right? And all of those reasons are different. They are all world class at something, right?

Jay Curry: That’s right.

Matt Register: And they’re all world class at different things. They aren’t good at everything though, right?

Jay Curry: No, actually very little but what they are good at they’re very good at, and that’s the key, you know.

Matt Register: Sure, and some of the advisers we have on have the ability to help these entrepreneurs through rough patches in their business like no other. I’m not sure, 50, 75 years ago that all this stuff even existed as far as some of the fractional services that are available now, and some of the trusted advisers that can really take your business to the next level.

And we’ve talked about this at length. A business owner is good at whatever it is they do. They’re not necessarily experts on finance or IT or marketing. Sometimes it pays to bring in a professional for this, right?

Jay Curry: Absolutely, and we’ve had some top-notch world known people on the program that talk and help our listeners understand some of these things.

Matt Register: Sure.

Jay Curry: It’s just been powerful people. I love our national showcase where we bring national speaker in. I mean, there’s real power with some of that. You know, we didn’t even think about the legends where we bring in people that are really legendary leaders or the profiles. The themes, when we started the concept of the theme, kind of had that idea when we started, but we had no idea of how many there could be. Now we bring somebody in, there’s five or six themes they could fall into.

Matt Register: Yeah. No doubt about that. You know, over the last two years, and 100 episodes for a weekly show is just shy of two years, so we’re just shy of our two-year anniversary. But just having the opportunity to go to some of the events that we’ve had the opportunity to go in and broadcast from. I mean, what comes to mind like the VistageĀ  Executive Summit in Houston and in Dallas that we’ve been able to go to.

These are events with like 800 CEOs in the same room. This is a very powerful room, right?

Jay Curry: Right.

Matt Register: With a wealth of knowledge and be able to get some of that knowledge and impart for some of our listeners is pretty remarkable and special, I think.

Jay Curry: And I think what has kind of surprised me, like the very large San Antonio Manufacturing Association that we went to and the Turbo Show here in town. These people also love the concept of what we’re doing, and they like to tell people of their success, and they like to share their tricks of the trade. It’s just been fabulous.

Matt Register: No doubt about that. We were talking, right before the show started when we, okay, what are we going to talk about? It’s our 100th episode.

Jay Curry: Right.

Matt Register: We need to talk about something. Some of the things that we have planned, and I don’t know that we’re in a position to be able to tell a lot of details about them. One of them that we can is a remarkable regular segment that we’re going to have once a month starting very, very soon brought to us by our friends at Salesforce. This is going to be called “Spotlight on Texas Innovation.” These are the absolute industry disrupters that are getting started in Texas that we’re going to be able to bring to you. Very, very special guys, right?

Jay Curry: Yeah, top notch people with very interesting concepts, and disrupters is a good word. People need to listen in each week because that’s going to be hot stuff. It’s just a start too. We’ve got so much coming down the pike.

Matt Register: We do have a lot coming down the pike, and we have a lot of special segments. You know, special segments were something that we didn’t start with that we realized there’s a lot of value in being able to bring a two to three minute special segment during a commercial break that is a tidbit of information that you can actively put to use in your business right away, right?

Jay Curry: Right. I call it Best Practices and there’s a whole litany of them. I mean, today we’re talking about wealth management. There’s best practices for a CEO in how they manage their money. I do one on coaching. Same concept. You guys do one for CFA that’s on-

Matt Register: Mergers and acquisitions.

Jay Curry: Yeah. I mean, best practices? That’s what our listeners want to hear. That’s what they need to hear, and that’s how we can help them become better leaders.

Matt Register: Yeah, no doubt about that, but we want to take a moment and thank you for listening. We want to thank our sponsors because without them none of this would be possible. If there’s something that this show can do for your business, get in touch with us. We’re always interested in partnering with very high quality companies that we can help each other achieve their goals.
We’re happy to go to world class business events around the state. We’re happy to make sure that people know that they exist, so reach out and get in touch with us.

Jay Curry: Charities also we like to showcase. When we started the business, we said that we’re going to be a good business practice from ourselves and supporting charities is one of them. Every company ought to be doing that. I think we’ve done well on that but we could do more. If you’ve got a good charity, we particularly focus on the three areas that Matt and I focus on which is returning vets, women, okay, abused, and children. Anything in those three areas, we would love to showcase them and help them right before maybe a big fundraising event or something like that. That’s another area that’s been a surprise, we’ve had an impact on.

Matt Register: Well, and people have heard us say 1,000 times over the last couple years to whom much is given, much is expected. Our CEOs that are in our audience and ourselves have been very blessed and have been or are in a situation and in a position in life to where they can affect the outcome from others and they certainly should.

Jay Curry: Exactly.

Matt Register: So if you know of a world class charity, give us a ring. Let us know. We would love to get an introduction to those folks.

Thank you again very much for 100 episodes. We are looking forward to another great 100. You know, the next 100 is going to be even better.

Jay Curry: Yeah, no doubt about it. We can see that now, and we encourage people to come be a part of Texas Business Radio.

Matt Register: Yep. All right, well hey, enough about that. We’re going to get to the actual meat of the show right after this break. Thank you again for listening. We’ll be back right after this with a whole lot more Texas Business Radio. We’re talking about wealth management this week. Don’t miss it. We’re not going to be gone long.

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