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Every successful business is striving to generate a higher volume of leads, improve sales and drive higher revenues, but how can you best achieve this when buyer behavior is changing dramatically and in essence buyers no longer want to be sold to, rather they want to find and engage with you when they are ready to buy. Digital marketing techniques are redefining the traditional sales model in many ways.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Have you ever put your web browser into “incognito” mode, and tried a few simple searches for your products or services, to see if your website is part of the first page search results?
  2. As a buyer searching online for something, how often do you scroll to the bottom of the first page or any subsequent pages for that matter?
  3. To get leads and inquiries from your website, you need to be found…first! And to achieve this requires a mix of tactics including a responsive website design, constantly refreshing and updating your website content, and an ongoing investment in both paid advertising (pay-per-click) and organic search enabled by search engine optimization.
  4. Google rankings are part art and part science. You need to truly understand what impacts their results and have an ongoing ability to keep up with changes in trends and algorithms, to obtain and then maintain your page 1 search rankings.
  5. Your potential customers are out there, and they are looking for your products or services, but you need to be found when they are searching. Forrester estimates that 75% of the buying process is done online before a buyer even engages with sales. If you can’t be found, you have no chance of becoming that person’s supplier.
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Justine Warburton

Justine Warburton

High energy and irrepressibly positive, Justine Warburton is a Rand Group Vice President with over 20 years’ experience helping companies develop results-oriented sales and marketing strategies that lead to exponential growth. Globally focused, Justine has impacted companies in the Fortune 500 and pre-IPO stage in Europe, Asia and North America. You can read more about Justine HERE.

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