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I’m here to ask business leaders another question. Are you maximizing sales opportunities?

Sir Francis Bacon is attributed to the phrase “knowledge is power.” The more you know about your prospects, your customers, your competition. That gives you power. Imagine having the ability to identify new sales opportunities for your business based upon the type of company a prospect is by comparing what other clients have bought from you that are in the same line of business. I know what you’re saying:

“Of course I could do that. I could look up the SAIC code of this company and have accounting send me a spreadsheet of what we sold to our other clients. And then I could give them a call.

Well, if you saw one of my other videos, on capitalizing on leads, you know that taking hours or days to reach out to a lead doesn’t provide a high close rate because they probably are already engaged with your competition. You need this information at your fingertips while you’re on the phone with them the very first time. This improves the prospects’ perception of your organization, accelerates the sales cycle, and produces more revenue as you’re helping them to realize products or services your company provides that they didn’t even know that they needed. A CRM solution provides you with powerful insights into market segmentation and buying predictions based upon trends of that client or its peers.

It increases sales by insuring your sales team never misses out on an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity by having that data at the ready. Visit us at for more on this.

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About the Author
Kevin DePree

Kevin DePree

A skilled consultant and technical strategist, Kevin De Pree is the CRM Practice Lead at Rand Group, with over 24 years’ experience leading global ERP and CRM projects and teams. Kevin has a unique background in both business management and IT systems consulting and sales, which allows him to provide a holistic understanding of how different systems and processes work together. Kevin a business degree from California State University and has been an active member on Microsoft Dynamics Product Advisory Board for several years. You can learn more about Kevin HERE.

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