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We sat down with Bill Klein, Owner of Bayou Graphix, to talk large format printing. If you have seen the TBR trailer, you have seen his work.

Pardon any typos, below is a hasty transcript.

Matt Register: Welcome back to the show… Texas Business Radio. Do yourself a favor go there to see the entire show in beautiful high definition video Get your questions in a couple of ways. Get questions in by telephone at 8 4 4 8 1 4 8 1 4 4. That’s is our 24 hour call in-line get your questions in and we’re going to get the experts on here to get them answered. We also monitor hashtag #TBR on Twitter. All right guys, we have one of my favorite people in the studio right now. Bill Klein is the man that is the CEO and owner and founder of bayou Grafix in Houston, Texas. My favorite graphic guy, by the way. I’m your host, Matt Register, here as always with Jay Curry. Jay, what do you think?

Jay Curry: Matt, there’s no question about it. I mean we get CEOs from a lot of different ways and stuff but when you pick one up because the quality of their work you know you got a good one.

Matt Register: Well if any of you guys have ever seen the Texas Business Radio trailer running around the state it is a beautiful trailer and it’s beautiful because Bayou Grafix got their hands on it and made it look wonderful. Bill Klein… Bill welcome to the show, sir.

Bill Klein: Thanks for having me sir.

Bill Klein: I want to talk a little bit about the print business and about your print business in particular. Tell me a little bit about biographic. What do you do? Who do you do it to?

Bill Klein: We mainly do large digital printing. Most of it goes on the sides of fifty three foot trailers, Bob tails, vans, SUVs and what we found it is basically the cheapest way to advertise your business to grow your business around.

Matt Register: Well and I tell you what, if you have vehicles in your company that are running around the road you have big empty billboard space running around. You might as well take advantage of it and put your value proposition on there because you never know who’s going to see it. Right?

Bill Klein: Yes. I mean probably about five or six months ago we ended up wrapping one of our customers vehicles. He drove out of our parking lot, went to the light which is maybe a quarter mile away. And he got a call because of the wrap. You know they’re putting their name of their company, their phone numbers on there, web site, tagline, Facebook. But the better your wrap looks, the more eyes are going to see it and it’s going to grow your business.

Matt Register: Well, God bless America. That’s what it’s what it’s all about. How’s that for a return on investment is a block away from from your shop getting the first phone call.

I would I would certainly take that, right?

Bill Klein: Easily. Not only that but if you are going to wrap your vehicle, let’s say it’s going to be our average size van. It’s a one time cost. It’s not like you’re doing a billboard where you’re going to pay monthly. You know on a six month lease. It’s a lot cheaper.

Jay Curry: It’s going to be seen by thousands of people I mean, think about it. You drive in all over town, right?

Bill Klein: I think it’s you know I read it somewhere at around 40 to 50 thousand people say your vehicle a day.

Matt Register: Yeah, no doubt about that. We just went right after you got done with our trailer, here a few weeks ago, we went up to Dallas had a big event you know the trailer looked nice enough they lit it parked right up in the front had a free billboard for the entire event which is which is priceless, right? I mean that’s you know an ugly trailer parks in the back with everybody else.

Bill Klein: Yes. Yes sir. I made it worse with one to five. We’ve got some customers where we’re doing 50 or 100 wraps and they actually gauge weekly how many calls they get off of their vehicles by the phone number or whatever.

Matt Register: Well I tell you what it’s something that we highly recommend we’re doing it. And this is one of the best guys in the state to do it. But your company is growing very very quickly. Talk to me about the move you have coming up, because you have outgrown where you are you’re in a process of going elsewhere. Right?

Bill Klein: Were planning on expanding our business. We’ve got crews that travel the whole state. We go all the way down to McCallen, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, wherever the trucks are, we send our mobile crews there.

Matt Register: That makes it pretty easy can’t get any easier than that.

But hey print is dead right? I thought print was dead.

Bill Klein: Paper printing is dead. Not large digital. That’s where everybody’s money is going there right now. And that’s the best way to grow your business.

Matt Register: Well I’ll tell you what there’s two ways right now to make money and print. And as an investment banker, we end up selling a lot of print companies. We’re in the middle of of a couple of print deals right now. And from an outsider looking in, there appears to be a couple of ways to make money out of print right now. One of them is be digital and so dialed in technology efficiency wise that you can squeeze a dime of margin out of it or the one thing that screens aren’t replacing is large format right is big stuff that is too big for his screen. For size vehicles though you guys do signage. Anything large format. You guys have a hand in. Correct?

Bill Klein: Yes, sir. People now are putting graphics on their walls of reception areas on the floors unit you name it they make a sticker that’s going to stick to it.

Jay Curry: So if you have any space anywhere. Maybe you should be having something on that that’s selling your message.

Bill Klein: Yes.

Matt Register: Well and I’m asking can I tell you what even with… I went into an office building the other day and even all the walls were graficed up looked incredible I mean looked absolutely incredible. And I got to think that was not as expensive as it looked me in the head whole cityscapes lands on the walls and something that looked like they spent a tremendous amount of money on. Perhaps it’s a little less right.

Bill Klein: Yeah it’s not. It’s not that the cost is not high at all. We run HP printers which is they don’t give off any smell. So what we do is if you’re going into a hospital or anything like that you have to use these HP rinters and don’t give off that VRC gas is what makes it smell and annoying.

Jay Curry: But the other thing about this thing and like you’re talking about if you go into an open area a reception area or something something other than just a picture on the wall will grab you. Mean you’re going to grab the attention of everybody that comes in or walks by. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

Bill Klein: Yes. If you look at this Super Bowl was just here in town we hooked up with a company that was hanging banners off of buildings. They wrap trains, they wrap walkways. They did the airports and it’s everywhere now. Everywhere you look there is some type of digital graphic up there.

Matt Register: Well I’ll tell you what I had the opportunity to go to that NFL Experience down down there at the at the Convention Center in Houston during that Super Bowl week. And I’m telling you every single surface had large format printing on it. I mean everything was graphiced up. Everything had a sponsor everything had you know graphics on it. Somebody spent a tremendous amount of time thinking that through and printing it all out.

Jay Curry: I’m telling you, they weren’t stupid about it either. There were a lot of eyeballs, right? I mean that’s what this is all about.

Bill Klein: they put them on the buildings, the windows, the floors. They got banners all over the place. Yeah. If you want to be seen, the bigger the better.

Matt Register: Yeah that’s the way to do it. No I got it. You know Bill Klein CEO and president, founder of Bayou Graphix here in Houston. Bill, what’s the easiest way for somebody to find to you should somebody be interested.

Bill Klein: Go to our Web site or they can give us a call 8 3 2 9 1 2 8 2 0 0. We’ll be glad to help them out.

Matt Register: All right. Wonderful. Bill Klein, Bayou Graphix. Guys don’t take notes. We have links to everybody we’re talking to you right there at By the way see the beautiful banner ad for your graphics. Again these are our favorite graphics guys. Not only do they print it, they do a tremendous job helping you design it too and figuring out exactly.

Bill Klein: And also installing it.

Matt Register: Yeah that’s right.

Jay Curry: And it looks good. I mean really good.

Matt Register: So right there on the Web site see the banner ad you can see our trailer right there if you see it. That’s their work Bayou Graphix dot com or Texas Business Radio dot com. We’re going to have a linked right from there.

Bill thank you very much for joining us.

Bill Klein: Thank you very much for having me.

Matt Register: All right guys go get your large format print at Bayou Graphix. We’re going to take a break. We’re going to pay a couple of bills. We’ll be right back right after this. Don’t go anywhere.


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