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Chase Hanson, CEO of Crisp Marketing, gives us his take on how businesses can increase the effectiveness of their marketing.

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Matt Register: Welcome back to the show. Texas Business Radio. is the website. 844-814-8144 is our 24-hour call in line. Call in now. Call in three o’clock in the morning. I’m not sure I really even care. We’re gonna get the experts on here to get those questions answered. We also monitor #tbr on twitter, T-B-R, Texas Business Radio, or go to the website. Send us an e-mail. A lot of ways to get in touch with us. We’re talking about marketing. Look guys, if you’re doing it right, you’re phone’s gonna ring. If you’re not doing it right, you need to. We have some really smart guys in here that are gonna tell you how to make that phone ring through your marketing. I’m your host Matt Register. Jay Curry is sittin’ over there in the cohost chair. What do you think, man?

Jay Curry: Well, Matt, there’s an old saying. You only get one chance to make a first impression. In today’s world your website is many, many times your first impression. You need to get it right. And it needs to be a good impression, and that’s what this segment is about.

Matt Register: And it’s completely low hanging fruit. It is too easy.

Jay Curry: That’s right.

Matt Register: You can look better than you actually are with a website, very cheaply. And you have to do it. Chase Hanson is CEO of Crisp Marketing Agency out of Houston. Chase, welcome to the show.

Chase Hanson: What’s up? Thank you for having me today.

Matt Register: So talk to me today about Crisp Marketing. What do you do? Who do you do it to?

Chase Hanson: We have four core services. We have website development, social media management, advertisements, SEO, everyone knows what SEO is.

Matt Register: Sure.

Chase Hanson: Search engine optimization and content creation, which includes photography and videography. We cater clients such as Chick-Fil-A, Mardi Gras Galveston, and a new uprising company called Icryo, which I started with about two years ago. We went from one location and now we have six locations. We’re an official franchise now and we’re looking to expand more into Houston, Dallas, Florida. Our next three locations opening up is New York and two in Pearland.

Matt Register: So talk to me a little bit about, how do CEO’s, how do business owners screw this up, right? Because you see it all the time. You see it every day. Companies that are not taking advantage of … ‘Cause here’s the beauty of the internet. It is an absolute level playing field at this point. There are so many of these CEO’s are not taking advantage of it.

Chase Hanson: Yeah, usually they have the homie hook-up. So, they have a friend or a son or a nephew or a daughter that wants to aspire. They saw an ad from like Squarespace or Wix saying, hey, anybody can build a website. And they get their hands on it and build a website for that company and it just doesn’t turn out to be the best one. Usually the CEO feels bad because they have sympathy for that individual and they just let it keep going because, usually the CEO is so focused on the operations of the business. They don’t have time to look at what’s going on, on line. That’s where we come in. So we take care of all that.

Matt Register: Well, and just like so many other services, I mean as you grow a business, you go from being very good at what it is that company does, right? Then, all of a sudden you’re dealing with marketing and receivable and all kinds of other things that you didn’t necessarily sign up for. But this is something that you can actually find experts outside of your company to come in and assist for a fairly reasonable rate. What are most of your clients, they come to you knowing they need help with a website, or, are you able to convince some guys that they really need help?

Chase Hanson: It goes both ways. Half the time it’s through referral base. They had other business owners that I’ve worked with previously and they are usually opening up businesses or they’re expanding theirs, or they want to increase their marketing efforts, so they contact me. And the other way, is I go out and research people that I wanna market for that-

Matt Register: Sure. Find clients that you wanna do business with, right?

Chase Hanson: … yeah exactly. Because if I wanna work with them, that’s gonna make it look way better on line. Like, the pictures and the website. I have more passion and more motivation and so does my team. So we go in there and look for them and then just find the owner and have a meeting with them.

Matt Register: No, it makes a whole lotta sense. The content development side of your business. How important is it to you, and every marketing guy will have a different opinion on this and my opinion is, the content side is everything, right? Talk to me a little bit about your philosophy on that.

Chase Hanson: Content is king. Content is number one. We strive off photography. Fresh photography, not reusing any photo, staying very current to the time of the business. We also use videos to educate our customers as well. I’m gonna say Icryo again because cryotherapy was real new. So we had to utilize social media to teach our community what it was and education them. Once they were educated they were able to come inside the store and feel more comfortable about the services.

Matt Register: Yeah. Well, you’re right because they have a multi-fold problem. One, they have to convince somebody, I call this the tarter control toothpaste problem. First you gotta convince them that tarter is a problem. Then, this is the solution for it. So, interesting. On the social media side. Social media has been around now for, I don’t know, 10-15 years. It’s not a new thing. But people are still figuring out how to operate it as a business within that. Right?

Chase Hanson: Yeah.

Matt Register: How do you help these companies figure out, because every company has a different target audience and how do you help figure out what’s the most efficient way to spend those advertising dollars?

Chase Hanson: The first way how I convince a business owner why they need to use social media, so when you have a friend page, everyone has a friend pages, that’s how you started in Facebook, is, you can reach about 70% of people when you make a post. But when you have a business page and you have 1000 likes, you’re only going to be able to reach about 10% of that following.

Matt Register: Sure.

Chase Hanson: So I explain to them, that on a business side, hey, Facebook needs to make money. So you have to give them money so you can reach all your followers and reach new people. What was the second question?

Matt Register: I don’t remember. You know, it’s become important and I see so many companies that do social media wrong.

Chase Hanson: I agree.

Matt Register: And you can mess up social media. Having somebody on your team whether they’re internal or external, that understands what it is that you’re trying to achieve with social media. For instance, in my business, I’m not gonna convince somebody on social media to let me sell their business. But I may convince them that, hey here’s an article that might help you get smart on the process, that can then lead to other things down the road. What are some of the biggest ways you’ve seen CEO’s mess up on social media?

Chase Hanson: Not having it. Not posting it and then they hire, usually CEO’s will hire someone and just be like, hey, you have a Facebook right? Cool, you can run our Facebook.

Matt Register: The daughter knows more about it than anybody else, right?

Chase Hanson: Mm-hm (affirmative).

Matt Register: So she’s it.

Chase Hanson: And then they’ll also delegate the task to an already employee and they don’t realize how much work it really takes into social media because social media is just adding. So you might have to add Snapchat. If you’re inside of a Chick-Fil-A to enhance the user experience, you might just have behind the scenes on Chick-Fil-A Snapchat or Instagram stories and using that. That takes a lot of time and creativity. If you’re doing technical stuff like working the kitchen or managing, you really can’t take on those duties.

Matt Register: No, that’s exactly right. Now talk to me about bringing on a new client. Because you go in and do some pretty extensive research on the front end, correct?

Chase Hanson: Correct. When I bring on a new client, we do a total assessment on their entire online portfolio. We go check out their website. On the website we check out all the content on there. We check out their pay speeds. I apologize for that.

Matt Register: No, that’s all right. Try to figure out exactly what’s goin’ on within that company, right?

Chase Hanson: And I make sure that all their business and directory listings are on point, if they’re verified on Google. If they’re located, if I open up my phone and check out Apple Maps and Waze-

Matt Register: Sure.

Chase Hanson: … and all those to make sure that the 360 degrees that people can find them.

Matt Register: Do you see a lot of variance between ages and who’s receptive to this. ‘Cause I work a lot with the older generations and I don’t think they get it. I don’t even think they understand it, when you get into social media and the power and the value. Do you see a big difference there between the millennials that understand and this is natural, and the older folks that, you know, they got a brochure site and that’s about it.

Chase Hanson: Are we talking consumer or business owners? If we’re talking consumer-

Matt Register: No. We’re talking business owner here, a client.

Chase Hanson: Oh, business, yeah. Business owners, I will break down what exactly is your customer demographic and the percentages of it. How much of it is 18-24, 24-35 and then 35-50 and then 50+. Then, depending on that, we structure a marketing proposal and strategy to best utilize.

Jay Curry: And that’s all part of what you’re doing in your free assessment that you do.

Chase Hanson: Correct.

Jay Curry: Very powerful.

Matt Register: Yeah. No, interesting stuff and guys this is something that, it’s completely low hanging fruit. If you’re not doing it with your company, you’re wrong. I’m telling you. We have figured out, there are some very smart companies that have figured out ways to make it really easy on you to be able to get good at this, right?

Chase Hanson: Yeah. Our goal is to 100% educate you on what’s going on before you start talking to these other companies. Because, as a business owner you do need to do your market research on who you’re gonna work with. But how we stand out, is we actually educate you on the whole platform.

Matt Register: No. Makes sense. Chase Hanson,

Chase Hanson: Thank you.

Matt Register: Chance Hanson. We’re gonna have that link right there from If you are driving and can’t take notes. Got it. Go to the website, and you’ll see it right there. Get a free assessment of your web presence and see how much help you need, right?

Chase Hanson: Yes, sir, thank you.

Matt Register: Alright guys. We gotta go pay some of our own bills. We’ll be back right after this with a whole lot more marketing and a whole lot more Texas Business Radio. Go to and see the entire thing in beautiful high definition video. We will be back right after this. Don’t go anywhere.

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