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Colleen McKenna, Principal at Intero Advisory joins us in this National Advisor Showcase segment where she imparts valuable LinkedIn wisdom.

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Matt Register: Hey guys, we’re back, Texas Business Radio. I’m your host, Matt Register. Jake Curry is over there in the co-host chair. Colleen McKenna, CEO of Intero Advisory out of Baltimore, Maryland is here talking about LinkedIn and talking about filling up your sales funnel. is a website linked right there from Texas Business Radio.
We were talking about how you fill up your sales funnel and what the process is on how you get a company ready to start using LinkedIn to its capacity. When we left to go to the break, we were talking about shining up the profile of the CEO or the face of the company, and then starting to segment that database with searches.

Colleen McKenna: Right. So, you want to save those searches. You want to save people as leads. You want to start connecting. You want your messaging scripts ready, right? Icebreakers ready. How you’re going to talk to them. How you’re going to respond. You want to be really organized about having a way to have a call to action and schedule a time to talk. I see a lot of conversations happening where people are interested, and it takes two days to schedule a phone call. That’s crazy.

Matt Register: Sure.

Colleen McKenna: Jay has a story for us.

Jay W. Curry: Yeah. I could go on just on that alone. It’s pretty amazing. I have a client that decided to build a music room where bands can come in and he was going to start with two rooms but it turned out to be bigger. He spent, I don’t know, 10 months building this up, getting it already. I finally sat down with him and he said, “Well, it’s going to be ready next month. I went, “What? You haven’t done any marketing.” There’s nobody-

Matt Register: Nobody knows about it.

Jay W. Curry: Yeah. Field Of Dreams is not real, right? It’s a movie. People aren’t going to come if they don’t know you’re there. So, I called Colleen’s group and asked if she could do a extract within 10 miles, and then we could do one within 25 miles. It was to start with one in 10 of people who have a hobby of music off of LinkedIn, people who play a guitar, or people who are in the music business. There was so much after that conversation, his eyes lit up, did an extract, it was huge. He then ended up with several thousand people within 10 miles of his facility that were perfect for him.

Matt Register: Were potential clients.

Jay W. Curry: Now he can connect and communicate with them. World shaking to him and may save his business out of that. It’s just with a phone call a little bit of work and the skills and experience of Colleen’s team, earth shaking to him. Earth shaking.

Matt Register: How important is, because we’ve marketing guys on here and we do this ourselves. A lot of companies are putting a lot of effort in the content, right? How important is LinkedIn to that strategy?

Colleen McKenna: Well, it’s one of my favorite parts of LinkedIn. To me, you’ve got right now 546 million people on the platform, right? So, why wouldn’t we use that as a platform to share our content? What a great distribution channel. To me, adding the content in increases credibility for that person, for that company, it gets the content out for that company. It makes the sales people sound less salesy, right? Give somebody value. So, content should be reference value.

Matt Register: We’re not selling anything, we’re telling you something you didn’t know that’s going to help you in your daily life.

Colleen McKenna: Right? We’re going to help educate you.

Jay W. Curry: People like that. That’s desirable.

Colleen McKenna: People like content, right? To me, it’s a great way to get people back to the company’s website too.

Matt Register: Yep.

Colleen McKenna: All right, so let’s direct them back. LinkedIn leads in all of the social platforms on conversion back to the website, right?

Matt Register: Interesting.

Colleen McKenna: Sending it back over.

Jay W. Curry: Saying a lot.

Colleen McKenna: So, people should be checking their Google Analytics to see where among the social channels their traffic is coming from back to their website. On average, it’s like 46% on for b2b companies coming from LinkedIn. We have companies that’s like 70, 75%, because they’re using LinkedIn as a publishing platform. Beautiful. It works.

Jay W. Curry: Huge difference.

Matt Register: Is there a way that companies can … Because you can spend a lot of money on this kind of stuff. And I see companies all the time that write big checks for marketing, and they’re just not getting a return out of it. How measurable is this? Is there a way to tie this directly back into ROI?

Colleen McKenna: Yeah, I think so. I think a little bit of it’s a little murky, but I think you can. I think LinkedIn is more and more looking at ways to show really good analytics. So, you and Jay and I can look at our page and see how many views and how many likes and shares we’ve had on our personal content, right? Like we looked at it earlier, people are sharing your content, right? Looking at your content. That’s one way.
On the company side, you can now do remarketing through LinkedIn. So, if you have code, like LinkedIn snippet code on your website, you can start to see more analytics, right? They’re really, really focusing on helping companies deliver that ROI on their content if it’s published on LinkedIn. So, it’s definitely seriously moving in a very qualitative way.

Matt Register: One of the interesting things we were talking during the break before we came in here that unfortunately, I see a lot of marketing companies not doing. You drink your own Kool-Aid, right? Your company is growing by leaps and bounds using this identical system that you’re selling, right?

Colleen McKenna: Right. Oh, yeah, we use LinkedIn in every way that we talk about, right? So, we are practitioners we’re always updating our LinkedIn profiles. I changed something yesterday online, right? Because they’re always a work in progress. We’re always looking at our network. We’re always looking to do outreach and expand our networks. I can go across the country now and I have a pretty good network no matter where I go. People are like, “You’re in Seattle, how did you pull this many people up as results?” It’s because of how my network is created and how it’s built.
We use LinkedIn for content and we use LinkedIn for recruiting, so there’s really no way that we don’t use LinkedIn.

Matt Register: Sure. I find it interesting, right? Because this is a platform that is constantly being tweaked as well, right? So, you are selling somewhat of a moving target, right? How much do the changes affect your day-to-day and how you … Do you get a heads up on when they’re coming? Do you all of a sudden you panic when something changed, you got to figure out how to utilize it? How does that work?

Colleen McKenna: No heads up. Actually, people who work at LinkedIn don’t always even get a heads up.

Matt Register: Okay.

Colleen McKenna: LinkedIn rolls things that randomly over time, so they don’t do an immediate release on a new feature. So, somebody had something on their mobile device, somebody on my team last week, I didn’t have it. I just got it this morning. I noticed.

Matt Register: So, everybody doesn’t see the update at the same time?

Colleen McKenna: Right.

Matt Register: Interesting.

Colleen McKenna: Typically, they roll it out very strategically, but it’s rolled out … Like on the company stuff, it’s rolled out to enterprise companies first, and for recruiting and marketing programs. For the individual features, it just sort of rolls out randomly. So, we have nine people who are constantly looking at LinkedIn just to see what’s up, because that means we have to go update our blog posts, update or tutorials.
We’re actually getting ready to roll out a membership site in about late spring. That’s going to be a constant content feed that will need to be updated with tutorials in there. So, it’s a lot to manage. It’s a moving part. I train and I’m like, “That wasn’t there yesterday,” and we just have to speak to that.

Matt Register: Yeah, and figure out how to utilize it, figure out how this is going to change best practices and everything else. Interesting stuff. If there’s a company listening right now that doesn’t do it at all, right? How do you recommend that they get started? Because this is a pretty daunting somewhat overwhelming tasks to think about just jumping in with it. How do you get started?

Colleen McKenna: Well, we have companies that call us all the time that have actually very little presence on LinkedIn. Big companies. 50 million, $100 million in the small business market, but they have no presence on LinkedIn. So, we start with talking about a strategy, having a plan. And then we start with making sure that the executive team is on board with this initiative. Because if the executive team is not on board, it’s not going to happen. And then we start with profiles.

Matt Register: How deep? There’s a level of control and a level of … We’re, we’re quickly running out of time. I find it interesting, because there’s a lot of HR questions surrounding this, right? How do you treat your employees on it? How much control do you want over it? Interesting stuff, but we don’t have time to talk about that right now.
Colleen McKenna Intero Advisory, out of Baltimore, Maryland is here with another national advisor showcase segment. She’s here talking to CEOs about LinkedIn. She runs a company or one of the leading companies in the country on how to use LinkedIn as a business. I’m a client. I’m a big fan. She’s been on here before, we’ll have her on every single time she’s here in Houston. Colleen, thank you very much for joining us.

Colleen McKenna: Thanks. Great to be here.

Jay W. Curry: Great story, too.

Matt Register: Website,

Colleen McKenna: That’s right.

Matt Register:, we’re going to have that linked right from In the meantime, guys, connect with us on social media. Connect with us on LinkedIn. LinkedIn, right?

Colleen McKenna: Please.

Matt Register: Please. We’ll be back right after this with a whole lot more Texas Business Radio, don’t go anywhere.

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