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David Moise, President of Decide Consulting discusses IT staffing and the future of the technology marketplace.

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Jay Curry: And we’re back. Hello, Texas. Welcome back to Texas Business Radio. Boy we’re having fun tonight. We’re talking information technology. Is there anything that isn’t impacted by IT? How do you find the good people. That’s what this segment’s going to be about and we’ve got a great guest in here that’s going to educate us and help us find those quality people. But before we get started, let me remind you, everything’s on Everything. has videos of all of our guests, everything about everything we do, frankly. So go there, and it’s a one-stop shop. However, if you want to send us a Tweet, we monitor #TBR, as in Texas Business Radio, hashtag TBR. And of course, we have that famous 24 hour hotline where you can get your questions in 24 hours. Matt stays up all night waiting for your calls. Get your call in, we’ll get the answers, we’ll get it on the air for you. That’s 844-814-8144. So now we’re ready to go.
I’m Jay Curry hosting this segment. And in the studio with me, I have the President of Decide Consulting, Mr. David Moise.

David Moise: Thank you, happy to be here.

Jay Curry: Great. So thank you so much for coming in. This is a great story, and I think you can educate us a little bit about how we can overcome. You know, IT’s getting just overwhelming.

David Moise: Yes it is.

Jay Curry: For some.

David Moise: Disruptive.

Jay Curry: Disruptive, that’s even a better description.

David Moise: In a good way.

Jay Curry: So tell me, what is Decide, David? Decide Consulting?

David Moise: Decide Consulting? IT staffing, IT placement we focus on that. We have a couple of software projects that we do for some of our clients and a couple of software projects, but our main focus is on IT staffing, helping our clients find those right IT people just to help them make successes.

Jay Curry: So tell me what’s going on in the marketplace. This is, from 10 years ago, it’s a whole new world. From two years ago it’s changed, and they’re talking about the internet of thanks and artificial intelligence.

David Moise: Yep.

Jay Curry: Tell me what’s going on out there and how you stay up with it.

David Moise: Absolutely. Here in 2018, I’m going to rattle off a few jobs that really did not exist 10 years ago. Application developer for your mobile phones, social media manager, cybersecurity specialist, data scientist. We did not really see these jobs like they are now 10 years ago. Some of them didn’t exist. When smartphones first came out and we were talking about app developers for that, “What? What are we talking about?”

Jay Curry: Yeah, where do they come from?

David Moise: And we are really just scratching the surface on things that are going on with IT and where the data and the technology is taking us. So the jobs that we’re going to be looking at in 10 years are going to be very different from what we have now. Imagine AI software specialist.

Jay Curry: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

David Moise: IoT specialist, Secure Programmer. Just a few things, just to absorb this … Right now, the number that we estimate is about 17 billion IOT devices that are out there. In 2025, we’re talking about 80 billion IoT devices.

Jay Curry: And with the Internet of Things, they’re all going to be connected.

David Moise: Everything’s going to be connected.

Jay Curry: Talk about complex.

David Moise: Complex. Every one of those 80 billion IoT devices is a security risk and has to be dealt with.

Jay Curry: Yes.

David Moise: And it can, but it still, you can’t ignore it. The data coming in from all these places is going to explode. You’re going to need artificial intelligence to interpret and do something with all that data. You’re going to need the data scientists behind there to do it. You’re going to need the programmers to code all these APIs that are going to be called and making sure that they’re secure. There’s just … It’s going to be blossoming more and more with what’s going on in our technology.

Jay Curry: It’s going to be dominant.

David Moise: Dominant.

Jay Curry: If it isn’t already, it certainly is going to become one of the dominant fields in all of the world.

David Moise: Yes, and I’m of the opinion that software development jobs over the next 10 years are going to double. We’re going to be programming things that we’re not doing right now. The home devices, the Echo, the Amazon.

Jay Curry: Right.

David Moise: These are just in version one of what they’re capable of doing. We’re going to be writing more and more things for that, and that’s going to be growing. The Silicon Valley, the big investments where the venture capital is going is attracting a lot of IT talent and a lot of this technical talent. New York Times recently wrote an article saying how there are less than 10,000 true AI developers out there in the world right now. You can see that some from getting the computer science degree, specializing in AI, they’re getting recruited in Silicon Valley for $350-500,000 a year.

Jay Curry: Yeah, unbelievable right out of school.

David Moise: No experience, yes. Yeah, no experience. What a gig. How do I get into Cal Tech?

Jay Curry: So tell me, if I’m a CIO or CTO or CEO of a smaller company, you know not a billion dollar company, but maybe a 5, 10, 20, $50 million company, how’s this all going to impact me, and how do you come along to help me?

David Moise: It impacts you because a lot of this talent is going to these types of projects. That work is going to probably come into a play with you. If you’re a software company on $50 million a year, in five years there’s probably going to be an AI component to what you’re doing.

Jay Curry: Probably a big one.

David Moise: Could be, yes. You’re going to need to pay attention to this. The type of IT talent that we are looking for these days is becoming more and more specialized. It wasn’t that long ago if you were a developer and you knew java script there was a lot of opportunities out for you now. Now, that’s just not good enough. You have to have experience in one of the 500,000 java script libraries or frameworks that are out there. If you don’t know angular, if you don’t know react, that’s what companies are looking at that level of granularity.
So how’s it going to affect everyone else? There are more jobs out there, greater demand, for the really talented individuals, and right now that demand is outpacing the supply. It’s a buyer’s market. When we look at the unemployment rate, we just recently saw that it was 3.8%. IT and technical talent, that unemployment rate is around two and a half points lower than that. So you’re really talking about 1.3-1.4% unemployment rate. When I took economics a long time ago, they were always telling me that that 3-4% is always that transitional unemployment. Do the math. It’s a buyer’s market. Your needs are probably more specialized than they were, and they’re going to be more specialized. There’s demand for that talent.
Granted, more people are gravitating towards this, but it is harder to find the good talent. Put a new job out on Zip Recruiter for a developer position or a network engineer doesn’t cut it anymore. The good people are being found and introduced to new opportunities before they ever look at that.

Jay Curry: And that’s your specialty, so what Decide Consulting does is, you go out and find those folks.

David Moise: Yes, we do. We specialize in finding that IT and technical talent for our client base.

Jay Curry: Okay.

David Moise: The way we go about doing it, there are a lot of basics that any recruiting company is going to be using. Yes, you’re going out and posting these jobs on some of the job boards that focus on the technical and IT people. We are using LinkedIn recruiter and finding people that way and actively going about that. We have people dedicated to sourcing individuals and building our list of people with key skillsets, targeting who they are and adding it to our database. We do that. Lots of other companies do that. Nothing particularly special about that piece.
Where we kind of get different is, we are going out and recruiting on the social media, where these developers, where these people actually are going for their information. We are going there with them and finding them. We have social media campaigns that are attracting them to us where we’re finding them out there on other places that our competitors don’t know to look or don’t know of.

Jay Curry: These are the types of people, they’re technology people. They’re going to be using this technology, so naturally that’s where you’d want to go to get them, right?

David Moise: Yes.

Jay Curry: It’s fertile land.

David Moise: Wayne Gretzky had a great quote, “I don’t go where the puck is. I’m going to where it’s going.” We do that with technology people.

Jay Curry: That’s brilliant. So when would I want to get ahold of you?

David Moise: If you were a CIO, CTO, IT Manager, software company executive, company looking to make a first IT hire and realizing this is hard, that’s when you want to come and see us. Come talk to us. We can help you navigate through this and we can bring the right individuals to you.

Jay Curry: So, what’s going on in the market right now is, we have a lot of outsourcing going on, so IT is becoming more and more important, but less internal. That needs to change, right?

David Moise: Depending on where we’re going, it needs to change, but more and more companies, as the IT gets more integrated into their vision, they’re going to need to bring some of that talent in-house so that they can retain that knowledge. You can’t outsource every single thing. You’re going to need to bring in some things.

Jay Curry: You were talking earlier during the break about, they need to be people that understand vision, understand the concept of what the business, not just get buried as a geek in technology.

David Moise: The companies need someone who can get beyond the bits and the bytes, how to integrate these things, take the technology and translate it into business use.

Jay Curry: Okay. We’re talking to David Moise, President of Decide Consulting.

David Moise: Yes.

Jay Curry: David, if somebody wants to learn more, how do they get ahold of you?

David Moise:, lots of information about us out there. If you want to keep up to date on some technology trends future of work, we have a lot of information out there in our blog. Come visit us.

Jay Curry: You got it. There you go, folks. David, thank you so much. It’s been fun and a real privilege to hear the story, and it’s pretty exciting stuff.

David Moise: Thank you.

Jay Curry: Folks, we got to go pay some bills. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back.

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