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Debi Lamb-Burrow, Owner of ad agency Penguin Suits, joins us to talk about marketing and how they help generate leads through inbound marketing.

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Jay Curry: And we’re back. Hello Texas. Welcome back to Texas Business Radio. We got a wonderful program going. It’s exciting, about manufacturing. Got so many specialists here. We’re at the Corporate Finance Associates broadcast booth at the South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show and Conference, brought to you by the San Antonio Manufacturers Association. And we’re at the Fremont Coliseum. So, come on down and see us. You can meet some of these wonderful people we got around here. Learn an awful lot about business. See what’s going on with manufacturing in San Antonio and frankly, all over the state. So let me tell you that there are three ways, before we speak to our next guest, to contact us. You can reach us at TBR, #TBR on Twitter. Right? Telephone, call us any time, 24 hours a day. Will get it, we’ll get the answer, we’ll get the experts, we’ll put it on the next program. Telephone Number 844-814-8144. Very simple. Right? 844-814-8144. You don’t have to remember that because you can always go to the third one. And that is Texas Business Radio. All the programs there, all of our special guests are there, everything, our sponsors. Go to Texas Business Radio and you can get everything. That’s where you can get the telephone number, if you didn’t write it down. Now, we’re at the Manufacturing Association and we’ve had some fantastic people here. And our special guest here, by the way George Walden, George is one of our partners and is joining me on this while Matt setting out, trying to line up the next few guest. Isn’t this fun?

George Walden: Oh, this is. This is a wonderful show. There’s an excitement in the room about what’s changing in manufacturing and manufacturing is picking up in Texas.

Jay Curry: I’ve seen that all day long. We’ve been hearing that, people talking about it.

George Walden: It’s a lot of fun. And our next guest is about a very important part of what people tend to shy away from and that is the right kind of advertising.

Jay Curry: That’s right. So part of this growth isn’t just coming out of nowhere. It’s doing the right type of marketing, the right type of advertising. So our guest for this segment is Debbie Lamb-Burrow, who is the President, Owner, Chief Bottle Washer, a little bit, for Penguin Suits. That’s an interesting name. So, Debbie thank you for coming on the program.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Thank you.

Jay Curry: We’re delighted to have you. What the heck is Penguin Suits.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Well, we’re an marketing and advertising agency. Lead generation specialists for our clients.

Jay Curry: OK. What does that mean? What are you doing?

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: OK. So…

Jay Curry: Lead generations, I love that but what does it mean?

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: We help our clients get their message to their target audience. So we can do a web site, logo, print materials. We can do a Google ad words, we can do digital marketing. But you have to start with a plan. You have to start first with “who do you want to reach”? Because if you’re trying to reach the millennials, if you’re trying to reach a baby boomer, trying to reach a woman versus a man. A mom versus a stay at home mom versus a working woman. There are all different ways to reach them, everybody uses different mediums. So first we defined your audience, then we craft your marketing plan to target them.

Jay Curry: So you help them figure it out. So if you’re not into this, don’t worry about it. You can call Debbie and you’ll get them set up. You’ll help them figure out what the story is, where they ought to be going. How they ought and then the full service, to make it happen.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Right. So we will design the web site, we will also maintain it for you, we will do your best SEO. We give you monthly reports. We try to make marketing as transparent as it can be. Everyone knows their own industry but marketing seems to be a little bit mystifying for some people.

George Walden: So you actually help them to measure this then.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Yes.

George Walden: I think that’s the big complaint. Most, most clients do not understand, are you having an effect?

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Right.

George Walden: They, they hope the phone rings but they don’t know where that business really comes from.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Yes.

George Walden: You’re measuring where it comes from.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Anything digital… Yep. Anything digital can be measured. You can measure it by using different phone numbers. You can measure it by watching your Google Analytics. You can measure it by looking at, sending them to a special landing page and having them sign up. And we can track anything, any, anytime anyone is on the, on the Internet, we can track it. So I create the reports and analytics to help my client. I don’t want to just advertise for them. I want to advertise effectively for them.

Jay Curry: And give them a report, so they know what they’re getting.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Each month they’ll get a report. They’ll know what their their key words are doing, they’ll know what the traffic, where their Web site, where it’s coming from. We’ll know where the pages that they’ll going to. We do a benchmark report, so we’re going to measure it against last year’s data, we’re going to measured against this year’s data. We’re going to watch the the ads. Are we advertising for a special season. Is it air conditioning season and we need to be advertising towards air conditioning? Is it looking at the, the guys that are putting up the Christmas lights? Do we need to start advertising for that? Everyone has a season. You just have to look at the data to find out what it is and find out where they’re coming from and attack that market there.

Jay Curry: So it’s pretty clear that the Internet has had a massive impact on your business.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Yes. I mean it’s nice to put an ad in a newspaper. You can do a little thing called the extension and you hope everything works. We’ve tried all these tactics but digitally if they’re online, I can follow them anywhere. Getting them to your Web site, we can also tag their browser and then resurface re-marketing ads to them as well. Do you ever go to Google and look for something for your wife or significant other for Christmas? And then the next day the ads are all over your browser, everywhere.

George Walden: Oh, I know, it’s scary.

Jay Curry: Yeah.

George Walden: I’m amazed at just how regularly.

Jay Curry: How do they know?

George Walden: I looked, I looked for boots the other day, cowboy boots. I’ve been shocked, for last two weeks all I had is cowboy boot ads coming up.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: And are main thing is to make that affordable for smaller businesses. You know, you go to a larger agency and they’ll tell you $30,000. We can turn that around a much smaller budget because it is affordable. You just need to know how to do it and we’ve kind of got those techniques worked out.

Jay Curry: So you missed, demystify the whole thing.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Yeah.

Jay Curry: You don’t have to need to know anything folks. Just give Debbie a call and they’ll help you figure out the strategy, help you implement the strategy. Add the internet value, because the thing George was saying about “how do you know ROY? and then you’re saying “well, we now know this way.” all that’s come from the Internet.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Yeah. We can measure just about any digital piece that we put out there. And that is, it’s a blessing because when you do good work, your clients see the return and you know that the clients stay with you. So it’s a very helpful tool for everybody.

Jay Curry: Now you’ve been doing this for a while. This isn’t like you started this last weekend. Right?

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: No, I kind of was born into this business. My dad was a small business owner. And on Sundays my family would all meet. And at the age of nine, I started listing all the things they were doing and the one thing they never knew how to do was market. They could build a great house, they could cook great food, they could have a great, you know, band at the restaurant but how do you get the people there? You know back in the 70s they put out the little sign with the arrow or whatever and I thought, well you know, write something and take it to the newspapers. So the little 9 year old took a little Polaroid picture and her little loose leaf sheet of paper to the newspaper and the story became about a little girl that brought this in. My father’s restaurant did well, the band did well. From that point on, I had, kind of had, a seat at my dad’s table. I got to design his menu’s. I got to, he had magnets on his car in the 70s before they were heard, heard of. And I just got to play. It, it’s in my bones to devise a system on how to market people properly and be affordable for the small business, so that they make money.

Jay Curry: It’s a great story and congratulations on a great business. I think you said 15 years you’ve been doing this.

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: Going on 15 years.

Jay Curry: Yeah. And just recently moved into a new facility. Right?

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: We’re moving into our own building and we’re, we have eight people that work for us now.

Jay Curry: Folks, we’ve been talking to Debbie Lamb-Burrow, who is the CEO, Founder, everything to, love this name, Penguin Suits. So Debbi, how do our listeners get hold of you

Debbie Lamb-Burrow: You can visit us on our website at, call us at our office 830-816-8238.

Jay Curry: That is great. Folks, we’re going to have to pay some bills here and line up our next great guest. But don’t forget, if you want to hear Debbi’s story again. You want to pick up that telephone or that e-mail address. Speaking of bills, we’re going to go pay a couple ourselves. Don’t go away. There’s no time. We’ll be right back.

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