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We sat down with Zach Warters and Andrew Chamberlain, with the Environmental Cleaning Guys, to talk about nasty and hazardous materials and how businesses who use them can get help in staying safe and compliant.

Please excuse any typos in this hasty transcript.

Matt Register: Hey guys, welcome back to the show Texas Business Radio. is the Web site. Go get your questions in. We have a 24 hour answer line, that means call in right now. Call in later, call in at 3 o’clock tomorrow morning. It really doesn’t matter to us. We’re going to get the experts in here to get those questions answered. Number is 844-814-8144. We also monitor #TBR on Twitter. A number of ways to get in touch with us. We are at the South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show and Conference. Brought to you by the San Antonio Manufacturers Association at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio. In the Corporate Finance Associates broadcast booth. That’s quite a mouthful. That’s where we are. So we are talking about manufacturing. We got a lot of companies down here and a lot of very, very interesting companies. I got some interesting guys here in the broadcast booth right now. We have Zach Warters and Andrew Chamberlain from C.G. Environmental. Environmental Cleaning Guys, what’s going on? Guys tell me a little bit about your company.

Zach Warters: Well, I appreciate you giving this chance to talk about it.

Matt Register: No worries.

Zach Warters: We’re just an environmental cleanup company primarily focused in hazmat situations. We do a lot of work with manufacturing facilities. Texas based company, startup in Dallas, Fort Worth have expanded to San Antonio, Houston, Austin. Were Texas based, family owned and just like to bring value to our customers in long term relationships. Pretty that, that simple for us.

Matt Register: OK. Let me see if I get this right. Let me see if I understand what we’re talking about here. Anything nasty is y’alls forte. Medical waste, any kind of industrial waste.

Zach Warters: Yes sir.

Matt Register: Guys need to call you before they mess up and they need to call you after they mess up. Right? If they have a spill or something else. I get any of that incorrect.

Zach Warters: No sir, your right on the money.

Andrew Chamberlain: So you’ve got, you’ve got drum, containerized waste drums and things of that nature. Then you’ve got bulk waste. Things that are large quantity. That need a large container like a roll off or a large vacuum truck.

Matt Register: Sure.

Andrew Chamberlain: We’ve got all that. We can service all that. Take care of every bit of that.

Matt Register: OK, so what do you do with it once you haul it off?

Andrew Chamberlain: We dispose of it properly, according to TCEQ guidelines.

Matt Register: OK.

Andrew Chamberlain: So, we’re, you know, everything’s above board. We don’t cut corners.

Zach Warters: Very transparent at what we do, what we hauled, how we hauled, who hauled it, all the whole nine yards.

Matt Register: So, as a manufacturing company I hire you guys to handle my waste. You’re keeping me out of trouble with the EPA,is that accurate?

Andrew Chamberlain: Yes sir and TCEQ. Yes sir.

Matt Register: If I do have a have trouble I have some kind of spill or something else you guys come in and solve that problem for us. Is that accurate?

Zach Warters: Yes sir. From the cleanup to the reporting, to looking at what caused the spill and how to prevent future situations. How we could have responded better. What kind of preventive measures could it conducted before we arrived on site. We do training on that as well. We’re actually an ER company that teaches people how to take care of a spill. And so to reduce the overhead costs when we get on site to handle the situation. We understand from a manufacturing, you’ve got a budget, got overhead, got employees and get quotas. A spill is a very unfortunate situation and we’re not a company that comes in and takes advantage of it. We want to come in and bring value. You maintain your employees and your goals. It’s very important to us.

Matt Register: So, the, you guys can come in way before the spill. So you guys come in to training employees how to handle all that stuff.

Zach Warters: Most definitely, yes sir.

Matt Register: Before any kind of spill ever happens.

Andrew Chamberlain: Yes sir.

Matt Register: OK. So what areas of the state that you guys operate in?

Zach Warters: Well Andrew here is our lead in here, in San Antonio.

Matt Register: OK.

Zach Warters: We’ve got a location in Houston, Austin, in Dallas, Fort Worth and we cover the state of Texas from those marketing places.

Matt Register: Wow. OK. So you have a big footprint all across the state. You… what is the biggest or I guess maybe the nastiest stuff that you guys get involved in. Because there’s some really nasty stuff out there in industry that.. man, I know I personally wouldn’t want any part of trying to tiptoe through those regulations and making sure I stay out of trouble.

Andrew Chamberlain: So the, there really is no in, in terms of what we’ll be willing to get involved in.

Matt Register: Sure.

Andrew Chamberlain: Or what we’re willing to mitigate to remediate. We were the first call for Ebola. First responder, we took care of that mess in DFW. We just finished up about a 100-150 mile…

Matt Register: Hold on. Hold on. No, kidding. So, you guys went picked up all of the stuff that was infected with the ebola.

Zach Warters: Our owner himself suited up and was the first one in.

Matt Register: Wow. OK, I got it. That was even nastier than I was thinking. Ok, I got it.

Zach Warters: And actually when it came time for the CDC to be briefed on our actions and our procedures. Our owner and our director of operations went and had attended the briefing on how we conducted ourselves and actually assisted protocol.

Matt Register: Oh, wow.

Zach Warters: Yes sir.

Matt Register: Okay. Well absolutely remarkable. What’s the easiest way to get in touch with you guys? Should somebody want to get in touch.

Andrew Chamberlain: Two ways, a Web site Or our 855 right there. 855-483-8181 24/7.

Matt Register: Got it., Don’t bother writing that down. We’re going to have it linked right there from

Zach Warters: Thank you.

Matt Register: Zach Warters, Andrew Chamberlain with the Cleaning Guys. Guys thank you for joining us very much.

Andrew Chamberlain: Appreciate you, man.

Matt Register: Guys we got to go a break. We’re running out of time. We’re going to be back right after this. Don’t go anywhere.

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