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Jay Curry: Hello, Texas! Jay Curry here with Texas Business Radio. I wanted to take a couple of minutes of your time and talk to you about the program we’re going to have coming up this weekend. It’s going to be a great one. It’s what we call a wild card.

That’s where we take different… we don’t have a full theme where all four segments are around a theme but we have different great stories that need to come to you quicker. For example we’re going to have a Dallas expert on state taxes. Can’t wait till April or May for that when we wanted to get that to you and so we created a wildcard weekend for you. In addition to him we’re going to have Bayou Grafix. Bayou Grafix is a company that did the wrapping and the graphics on our new trailer. We have a huge new trailer that we use for remotes. And they did such a terrific job that we felt like we should bring them on and let you know about these folks and what great work they are doing. We’re going to have a restaurant tour from Pele Pele who is a very fast growing chain here in Houston beginning to expand out and going into Austin. It’s a great story. A lot of interesting information coming out of that.

Finally we’re going to have Growthforce here. Growthforce’s Stephen King is going to talk about cash flow. He’s a regular on our program and you’ll want to hear his entire segment on cash flow. And then we’re going to have a two minute update. Our partner George Walden is going to be on to talk about partial sales. You know you don’t always have to sell your entire company. It’s going to be a good one. Very informative is a great program.

Now we’re on Saturdays here in Houston on 950 KPRC but the rest of these cities and KKTRH 740 in Houston are on Sunday. So that’s Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston on Sunday and then Saturday on 950 here in Houston. Have a great weekend. We’ll talk to you on Saturday and Sunday.

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About the Author
Jay W. Curry

Jay W. Curry

Along with hosting “Texas Business Radio”, Jay is a Professional Certified Coach and Master Chair facilitating four Houston-based Vistage peer groups. In addition to being a best selling non-fiction author, the 2015 release of his award winning novel, Nixon and Dovey: the Legend Returns, adds novelist to his title. Jay holds a BS in Mathematics from Oklahoma State and an MS in Computer Science from Kansas State. You can learn more about Jay HERE.

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