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Gavriel Puig, Owner of Excelsior Solutions, talks remodeling.

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Jay: And we’re back, hello Texas, welcome back to Texas Business Radio. Wow, we’re having fun, we’re going to continue that on this segment. I’m Jay Curry, your host for this segment. We’re going to be talking about real estate- home building. Some interesting stuff for this segment. But before we get started let me remind everybody that Texas Business Radio, that’s all you need to know. It’s all there. All the pictures, it’s just all there. It’s the place to go, but should you get a real desire to call in let me tell you we monitor 24 hours day, 844-814-8144, alright. Matt tells me that if you call at two o’clock in the morning he’s going to get it. He’s going to get the answer. He’ll call me in, we’ll get the specialist on, we’ll get it on air and we’ll get you the answer. We also monitor hashtagTBR and Texas Business Radio. That’s an easy one, send us a Tweet.

Alright, let’s get started. This is going to be fun. I have in the studio with me, Gavriel Puig, is that close.

Gavriel Puig: Very close.

Jay: Not bad. So you came from Ecuador actually originally, right?

Gavriel Puig: That is correct.

Jay: Gavriel is the owner of Excelsior Solutions, LLC and you are quite a serial entrepreneur. So why don’t we start with, what does Excelsior Solutions do?

Gavriel Puig: Excelsior Solutions is basically a solutions provider concentrated in the real estate development as well as real estate services market. Residential and commercial industry here in Houston, primarily. We work as a Houston remodel pros that’s Houstonremodelpros.Com, you can find us there. What we do, is we engage in the services of renovation, construction and as well as repair and installation services for the Houston area. We provide excellent products. We do excellent work. And we just want to provide a good service to the community.

Jay: So you been, I got to think, it’s been a while since we’ve had Harvey – the big gun, is that still going on? Are you still overwhelmed? We still have a lot of homes all across the coast that are not repaired. There’s just not enough work. How’s that working for you?

Gavriel Puig: Yes, yes, unfortunately, homes and businesses have been affected due to Harvey. You can still find between, 2 to 3,000 homes and businesses in different areas of Houston and close to Houston. You have, Kentwood, Katy, the Memorial area, the Meyerland area, where there are families still looking to have their homes fixed and just governmental help and many others. Our [outsources 00:03:36] are not able to fulfill- be able to provide a solution to this market. We’re looking to hire more people to provide a good quality service. Secure is our primary motto, whenever we provide services. We are right there.

Jay: Even now, it’s still hot and heavy?

Gavriel Puig: Yeah.

Jay: Now, you’re also in the commercial business. That got hit pretty bad too. I mean, I think it was strip malls, and some of the even tall buildings, the lower floors really ’bout had it. All this work’s still going?

Gavriel Puig: All this work is still going but, we are looking to help these business owners. One of our few people out there that are providing financial products to help them come back to business engagement. We have a great product. People don’t have to pay us for the next two months. They just need to qualify with a good credit score, something around 600.They can apply, you can find products about 7% interest up to 13% interest, 5, 10, and 15 year terms. We can help them come back to business, provide food to their table to their families. Most of them are small-sized businesses, like your local cleaning … donut shop.

Jay: The typical thing you’d find in a strip mall, right?

Gavriel Puig: Exactly, correct. Very much.

Jay: Still a lot of that going on. Interestingly, you not only repair, but you also build homes. What’s that all about?

Gavriel Puig: We engage in the urban development, we call it. Building communities, building residential communities is a passion. We like to build homes. We like to build mother, or colonial style contemporary homes. Homes where you have high ceiling options, nice beautiful back yard view and something that people can call it home for the next 30 … 40 years. It’s a passion. It’s architectural work is very much of a passion to do that.

Jay: Speaking about architects, you don’t have an architect division, so you work with just about anybody? Any good architect firm? So if anyone interested in building would they already own their land, or is that an option?

Gavriel Puig: Yes. I mean, if they own their land, we could present them with different architects, who could actually point them with the right direction with the actual drawing, design that they would like to work with. There are multiple amazing architects in the city of Houston. We like to work with people that are within the architectural industry locally here in Houston and introduce them. And be able to work with them together.

Jay: Now there’s quite a few people … companies that do repair work. There’s a lot of people that do build from scratch. There’s not a lot, I think, to do both. You’re a little unique there. So, give me an idea why would somebody out there who is thinking about building a home, or has had substantial damage from the hurricane why would they want to call you?

Gavriel Puig: Well, I believe we go above and beyond for our clients. Our clients, our customers are God’s given. I say, provides jobs and opportunity not only for us, but for all our team members. We provide a great sense of security. We background check all of our technicians. They have to be certified in order to come to work. They have to be legal in order to come to work. We train them. We certify them. I believe everyone that wants to come to work, they have a sense of team sense and a sense of providing a good quality service. It’s hard out there to be able to educate and provide these core values. It’s just —

Jay: Worth it when it’s completed.

Gavriel Puig: Exactly, totally worth it when you create a team.

Jay: Now, in addition to all this, you have an interesting personally story. You came from Ecuador?

Gavriel Puig: Right.

Jay: You’re now a US citizen? Tell us a little bit about that. We’ve got about one minute left.

Gavriel Puig: I’m a legal immigrant. My parents came due to political hardship in their country. My mom was a US Citizen. Back in around, 1999 to 2000, we immigrated to Houston actually. I’ve been a member of the community in America, a proud American ever since. I took this country as home and valued it and took those core values. I’m pretty much Conservative, you can call it.

Jay: That’s Okay. We like that in Texas. I mean it’s a great story. Your family came. You started working. You became an entrepreneur. You’ve built several businesses and now you have this specialty, both commercial and residential home building and repair.

Gavriel Puig: Correct.

Jay: You employ a lot Americans. All of that adds up.

Gavriel Puig: That is correct, sir.

Jay: Well, folks, this has been great. Gavriel, how does somebody find out more about you, if they need help from the Hurricane, or they’re looking to do repairs, or maybe they want to buy a house or build a house?

Gavriel Puig: If you’re looking to build a house, give us a call. We engage as Excelsior Solutions. You can give us a call at 832-460-0973, option ‘1’. If you’re looking for renovation services, you can give us a call at 832-460-0974, option ‘3’. If you’re looking for a job, we’re paying between $19 to $23 an hour for experienced technicians 832-460-0974, option ‘2’.

Jay: And Gavriel thank you for coming on. Folks, we’ve gotta pay a few bills, but we’re gonna be right back. Don’t go anywhere. This is Jay Curry, signing off. We’ll be back in just a few minutes.

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