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We spoke with Gustavo Garza, Co-founder of RX Prescription, joins us to talk about genetic testing and how their testing can tell your reaction to medications.

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Jay Curry: And we’re back. Hello Texas. Welcome to Texas Business Radio. Wow. We’ve got a dandy one for you today. This segment we’re going to talk about, kind of dream world, that’s come around. What would happen if you could take a test and it would tell you how you’re going to react to medicines. For the rest of your life it will tell you what kind of reactions; severe, good, mediocre. I’m trying to describe some really technical stuff but that’s what this segment is about. It’s going to be a great one. It’s going to be very informative and it’s going to tell us a little bit about what the future is all about. So before we get started, let me remind everybody that you can call in. We have a 24 hour call in line at 844-814-8144, that’s 844-814-8144. We monitor #TBR on Twitter. And of course, you can always go to and see the entire program in high definition color video. All of our speakers, all of our guest, everything is there. You need to go there. So for now, just sit back and let’s learn. We have a very special guest in, Gustavo Garza. Did I get close?

Gustavo Garza: Yes. You got it perfectly.

Jay Curry: So, you are with RX Precision.

Gustavo Garza: Yes sir.

Jay Curry: And you’re involved with pharmacogenetic testing. What the heck is pharmacogenetic testing?

Gustavo Garza: That’s a good question. And before I got into RX Precision, I didn’t even know what it was either. But in the, in layman’s terms, it’s a genetic test that allows you to figure out what drugs your body will accept. What your, what your body will reject and what your dosage needs to be. To make sure that you’re taking the right medicine with the right dosage. So you’re getting the most out of it.

Jay Curry: So let me see if I understand this right. I can take a test and it will tell me about the medicines I have or all medicines or what?

Gustavo Garza: Yeah, that’s a, that’s a great question. So this test, you take it once in your life. When you’re a child, middle aged and when you’re older, it doesn’t make a difference. You take it once the, the results do not change. We test, right now, over 300 different drugs in 17 different categories. That are available. I guess your, your mainstream drugs in the market today. And so for anybody who’s taking a lot of medications and wants to know whether they’re taking the right medications. This is a test that would provide a tremendous amount of impact to your health.

Jay Curry: OK, so you take this test once. You don’t have to do it again and it will be good for, the, at least the drugs that you test for now. Which is very large. Right?

Gustavo Garza: Yes.

Jay Curry: A very large number of different drugs. So you take the test and then you can go back into the closet and pull out the drugs you’re actually taking and test it. Because it’s going to tell you, for these, these particular drugs, that you’re going to have a good reaction, bad reaction. What, what’s it going to tell me.

Gustavo Garza: So, and it’s a great question. And the easiest way to explain this is, if this is a test that you want to take to figure out what your body accepts and rejects. You can order the kit. Do I, you, we can ship it directly to your house. We could ship it to your doctor’s office. You’re going to go to your doctor’s office to take this test. It’s a easy mouth swab. You send it off. You get the results back and the results will essentially give you recommendations for the different drugs that are on the market. They’ll give you, essentially there are there are four different categories; normal response, expected. Meaning the drug is going to act as it’s intended. Proceed with caution, meaning that you might need to be careful with that drug that you’re taking. Dose recommendation, whether you need increase or decrease the dosage because your body has either a hyper sensitivity or it doesn’t to the drug. And you need to alter it accordingly. Or you might want to consider an alternative because this drug might not be doing what it’s intended to do for you. And so you’ll get this report, out of these 300 drugs, about what your body or how they will react with your body. And when your doctor receives this, he can go over the results with you. And determine what drugs, if you are taking some that require to be changed or the dosage to be increase or decrease. He’ll be able to walk you through this and figure out the plan in order to start changing things for you to hopefully lead you to a better quality of life.

Jay Curry: This is all based upon your DNA and that’s why it doesn’t change. Right? You’re telling, what is the impact of these drugs on your DNA, your body.

Gustavo Garza: That is correct. So the DNA, your DNA does not change from when you’re born to when you die. And what DNA testing has allowed us to do, is if you’ve seen in the news things about designer babies. Where you can go in and change the genes, so they’ll be six feet tall, you know, blue eyed, dark skin. Or the ability of cloning animals that, that we’re doing as far as genetic testing wise. Creating life outside the womb. All this is done through genetics and all these advancements have allowed us to understand how genes work and how it impacts our health. And so for the last 20 years they’ve been perfecting this. And finally we’re getting tests that are available to the general public that now can use this technology to improve their health.

Jay Curry: This is going to be huge. I mean this is the wave of the future. And it’s got to be very helpful. I haven’t heard anything about it. I’m not hearing about it from my doctor. When is the doctor going to get involved in this? This has got to be, I mean eminence.

Gustavo Garza: So, this, this technology is getting more widely accepted through the medical, I guess you could say the collegiate, the collegiate side of medicine. In the universities where they’re doing a lot of the testing. A lot of the advancement in technology, to get it out to the general public takes a lot of effort and time from dedicated individuals who want to see this change and are willing to put the time, money and effort into getting it pushed into the insurance agencies. Into all the hospitals and in front of all the doctors, so that they can learn about it. If you can imagine all the universities in the United States and how many of them have medical departments that are doing research in advancing technology. And then have to get all the approvals from the government. And then have to find companies that are willing to put this out commercially to the general public. That’s a long, long and tedious process. And this was something that hit home for me. And it’s one of the reasons that I got involved with it and invested in RX Precision. To become a part of this. Because I do believe this is the wave of the future. And just within my own personal family, I know that my grandparents, aunts and uncles they could all benefit from this test. I got a test recently sent to my grandmother, so she can take it because she’s taking over 10 pills a day right now. And I want to make sure that she’s getting the proper care that she needs. So that, you know, she has the best quality of life possible.

Jay Curry: So, the credibility of this, I mean this is, this is just really tremendous. You’ve got some big universities that have studied this test. You have hospitals, can you give us a few names? Give us the feeling, I know Harvard, Stanford, has some of them?

Gustavo Garza: Yeah, absolutely. So, Harvard, Stanford, just like you mentioned. Princeton, MIT, strong R&D medical universities that have done a lot of testing on this. John Hopkins, Bayer.

Jay Curry: The big boys for sure.

Gustavo Garza: Yeah. Northwestern, all these people have looked into this technology. They’re studying it. They have a lot of R&D that’s going into it. Because there’s so much advancement and so much that we’re learning from genetics. That is helping us advance the regrowth of skin. You know, 3-D printing of organs is coming out. They’ve been doing that for a while, perfecting that. All that is based on genetics and making sure that you can match genetic material for whoever this organ is going into. And we’re turning it into medicine. So that we can take this technology, improve medicine. So instead of guessing, we can be precise. And that’s where we got the company name precision. We want to provide precision medicine to people, so that they can have an increased quality of life and decrease on their side effects.

Jay Curry: Folks, this is big stuff. You need to remember these names. This is just the beginning. Genetics is going to be a major mover in the entire country, the world, in our medicine and actually, industry totally. I mean it’s, it’s going to be huge. So, genetics is what the future is all about. What else is coming? Can you quickly cover some of the other things? I mean this is amazing.

Gustavo Garza: Well this is the, one of the first tests we’re going to be pushing out to the insurance companies to get them to cover it. So that you can go and get this done and have a little out of pocket. Providing it direct to consumer. So if you don’t want to wait and take this right away, we can provide that for you. And we’re also getting the word out to the doctors and everything. So that they can essentially give this test as an option to some of their patients who are considered more high risk. But we do have four or five other tests that we’re looking at, to bring after this one. And they’re all going to be based on genetic tests, that are going to help people create more precise medicine or precise care for any of their medical issues.

Jay Curry: It’s all about genetics. It’s all about the future. Folks, this is powerful stuff. You need to go learn about it. It’s Right?

Gustavo Garza: Yes.

Jay Curry: Go to the Web site, Learn about it. Talk to your doctor. By the way, you take this test, it has to go to your doctor as well and this is just the beginning. We’ve been talking to Gustavo Garza.

Gustavo Garza: Gustavo Garza.

Jay Curry: With RX Precision. Thanks.

Gustavo Garza: Thanks Jay. I appreciate your time.

Jay Curry: Okay folks, We’re going to go pay some bills. We’re going to be right back. This is Jay Curry your host at Texas business radio. Don’t go anywhere. We’ll be right back.

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