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  1. You’ve put every effort into getting your website to rank on the first page of search. You’re getting clicks and people are visiting your site, but are they staying, and more importantly, are they converting to leads?
  2. You need to have your website set-up to help you define and refine. You need proper conversion tracking in place to determine what parts of your website are delivering results and what parts have higher than average bounce rates.
  3. Once you identify areas of weakness, you can start to look at why those areas are underperforming. The most likely reasons being:
    1. The content on your webpages is not compelling – it’s too much about you and not enough about the reader, so you’re not adding any value.
    2. Your website is difficult to navigate – you have less than 1 second to make an impression on your visitors before they get bored and leave. Your site must be easy to navigate, have clear paths to information and not be distracting.
    3. You lack compelling calls to action – your website visitors will only stay and exchange their information if they feel you have provided value to them
  4. Overall, website visitors want to feel like you’re an authority at solving their problem. Your website content and mechanisms need to work in tandem to pull the viewer down the path you choose. You need to interlink your content to other areas on your website for those who want to continue to explore your information, while at the same time offering a quick exit path for those who are only interested in 1 specific area or topic.
  5. People are looking for the information you have, and it’s up to you to deliver it to them in a way that’s concise and compelling. Content is king in the digital age – and that speaks to more than just the words on your webpage. To retain your visitors and turn them into leads, remember that your website must be:
    1. Intuitive
    2. Designed with user experience best practices applied
    3. Able to load quickly and flawlessly – on PC and on mobile, across all browsers
    4. Written in the tone which is reflective of your target audience
    5. Have compelling content that adds value
    6. Positioned to deliver effective and simple calls to action
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About the Author
Justine Warburton

Justine Warburton

High energy and irrepressibly positive, Justine Warburton is a Rand Group Vice President with over 20 years’ experience helping companies develop results-oriented sales and marketing strategies that lead to exponential growth. Globally focused, Justine has impacted companies in the Fortune 500 and pre-IPO stage in Europe, Asia and North America. You can read more about Justine HERE.

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