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Jamie Zimron, owner of The Kiai Way, joins us in a National Advisor Showcase segment and talks about how to optimize performance.

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Matt Register: Hey guys. Welcome back to the show, Texas Business Radio. is the website. 844-814-8144 is the 24-hour call-in line. Call in now, call in at three o’clock in the morning, I really don’t care. We’re going to get the experts on here to get those questions answered. We also monitor #TBR on twitter. A lot of ways to get in touch with us. Get your questions in, and we will get those questions answered. Every once in a while, if you listen to this show for a while, you know we do a segment we like to call the National Advisor Showcase. There are a lot of really smart folks that come into Texas, talking to CEOs, talking to business owners, and offering them guidance on how to build their business.

We like to bring them in here. They usually make real pretty good guests. Talk to them and see what it is they can teach you guys, and without even paying for it. How good of a deal is that? I’m your host, Matt Register. Jay Curry had to step out for a little bit. He’s going to join us here shortly. In the meantime, we’re going to talk to Jamie Leno Zimron about getting your mind right, essentially. We talked during the break. I’m still not sure I have my mind wrapped all the way around it. Maybe I need her to come in here, work on me a little bit. Jamie, welcome to the show.

Jamie Zimron: Thank you very much. Happy to be here.

Matt Register: Talk to me about The Kiai Way.

Jamie Zimron: Kiai Way.

Matt Register: Kiai-

Jamie Zimron: The Kiai Way.

Matt Register: The Kiai Way.

Jamie Zimron: The centered way.

Matt Register: The centered way.

Jamie Zimron: Another way to say it.

Matt Register: Now, Jamie is a speaker, is a coach, is somebody that comes into businesses and teaches them how to take what they’re doing to the next level. We were talking during the break about sports teams, and about NFL teams that are at the peak physically of what they’re able to do. Well, the difference in those teams is not athletic ability. It’s between their ears, right?

Jamie Zimron: It’s between their ears, and it’s also some principles by which every system works and functions best. We were talking about, for example, San Francisco 49ers. I lived there at the time. Were on top of the NFL for over a decade, and I think it was four Super Bowl rings.

Matt Register: More than a couple, right?

Jamie Zimron: That’s what I call unprecedented success. That’s domination for a long period of time, and sustained, and changes a personnel. But they had some ethics in that organization. That team was known for top to bottom in the organization having what I call harmony, which is the AI in Kiai, A-I. It went from the GM, to the coach, down to the quarterbacks and the players. There was a team comradery, and a harmony within the organization that worked for a very long time. They weren’t known as Mike Ditka’s rough and tumble Chicago Bears, for example, okay? It’s those principles around harmony that make all the difference. You can see it in a football team, you can see it in a football play. Every player is doing their job, and there’s a certain connection.

They sense, and they feel, and they read, and then there’s a timing that works. Guys are doing their job in a line, they run on field, throw the ball, perfect timing. Boom, catch, score. That’s what we’re talking about, in a symphony. A lot of times we may think that we need to hire the very best musicians at each instrument. But that alone isn’t going to ensure a great experience or a great piece of music, right? Everybody’s got to play the same piece of music, same time signature, same key signature, watch the conductor, listen to each other, get their egos a little bit out of the way, and function as a whole, and with spirit, with love, with inspiration, with passion. That’s going to bring the audience to their feet in a standing ovation, compared to just pure technical greatness. Okay?

It’s this harmony factor. We call it team culture in the business world. In the golf swing, we call it all the pieces have to be working together, right? We know that we have to have this wholeness. That’s what makes so much difference. We were talking about the golf industry as a whole. The golf industry has been trying to grow the game for the last 20-some years, and isn’t really having that much success oddly enough. Golfers today, unlike say 20, 25 years ago, have far better equipment. They’ve got a golf channel, they watch 24/7. They’ve got information at their fingertips, on their phones, and everything available today. The PGA show has over a couple of million square feet of golf stuff every year. Anything you can dream up, applications of technology. Then you look at golfers. Are they getting any better? Are handicaps going down?

Matt Register: Well, they’re spending a whole lot of money on equipment to get better, right?

Jamie Zimron: They keep doing that. But it’s the definition of insanity, right, doing the same thing and expecting different results. We keep doing the same things. Golf handicaps have hardly changed. The needles hardly barged in 20, 25 years, despite better equipment. If it’s not just in better equipment, or all this focus on technique, or even on the mental game, now we’ve got golf psychology, now we’ve got golf fitness, now we’re barfing up. It’s still not working. That’s where I come in. I think we all as a society need to come in, whether it’s in golf, whether it’s in business, whether it’s in family relationships, whether it’s in our own relationship with ourself and our health. We need to come in and go, “There must be something else. What could we be missing?” I can tell you from my lifetime as a … I’m a psychologist from Stanford, I’m a Class A LPGA teaching professional, I’m a [inaudible 00:06:04] Black Belt in Aikido, I’ve taught the world over, I’ve worked with people on every level.

I can tell you, it’s something about understanding our key, our energy. Our energy is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, our passion and motivation. Our energy is in our body. It works through our breathing, and it works through our thought process, and our emotional responses, and how we deal with stress and pressure, and our physical health and well-being, and our equipment. All that stuff is important, and our plans. We follow those things … Our goals and our targets. But we need to understand how to manage energy, our energy, the energy of a golf swing to connect it to that little golf ball, the energy that’s going on every day in your company, in your business, in the teams in your business, in relationships, in communication. It’s all energetic experience.

Matt Register: What you do is, you’re able to come in and give presentations, give seminars, and teach people and companies how to do this, right? To be able to-

Jamie Zimron: Absolutely. We’re going to this level that … I call it going beneath the bottom line. It’s what underlies everything. When you understand that what makes the golf ball really go is you, it’s your energy, that you wind up and deliver. That what makes a speech go well, or an interview go well, or a presentation to your shareholders, or an interaction with your employees, or it could be as a parent, with your children or with your spouse. All these things, managing relationships is about managing ourself. Managing ourself is about managing our energy. That’s not a California thing.

Matt Register: It sounds awful California-ish. That’s the-

Jamie Zimron: We’ve been talking about some examples of what makes the difference between the team that wins, actually wins the World Series, or wins the Super Bowl, or wins a Master’s title. These people are all phenomenal athletes who wins at the Olympics. It’s he and she, and they, that can manage their energy well, keep their emotions and their mind working together well, that has the physical skills and abilities. But can manage, and can manage the pressure, and the stress, and the performance, the anxiety, their reactions when adversity strikes, which it does all day long.

Matt Register: Sure. What are the things you offer? When people bring you in, they bring you in for just an hour or two, are these day long, multiple days long seminars? What are we talking about?

Jamie Zimron: All depends. Generally speaking, it’s a half day, sometimes a day, a couple of days. Depends how deep we want to go and how long we want to go. But for sure, I think a half day is a … Three, four hours is good, or a full day is really great. There’s some follow-up and individual coaching. But as people become more aware … I’ve been able to synthesize all these and create what I call a pretty simple, but extremely powerful body-mind technology. How to be centered, and balanced, and relaxed, and focused, and really take charge of yourself, and experience the power of it, that it works. Because bottom line, I’m like everybody else. I’m not foo foo at all. I want to hit the ball far, I want to score, I want to be on the green, I want to be in the hole, I want to make money, I want to get the jobs.

Matt Register: You can measure every bit of that.

Jamie Zimron: Absolutely. I really help people to achieve their goals, and to feel better in doing it, to get better results, and to actually be an amazement a lot. In fact, I’m here at Houston to speak to a couple of Vistage CEO groups. I gave them a money back guarantee, that everyone during just even this half-day initial presentation is going to go, “Wow. That’s amazing. I can do this.” You know what? I have 100% success rate batting a thousand. Throughout, we’re going, “No money back. No money back.” Because throughout those hours, they’re going, “Wow. That’s amazing.” I want it to be doable. Because I don’t want people to go to a seminar or hear about something and go, “Yeah. It was cool,” and then they never do it. I want them to be able to integrate it. Integrate it quickly, and have it start making a difference. My golfers started and evolved better right away.

Matt Register: That’s what it’s all about. Jamie Leno Zimron is here, The Kiai Way?

Jamie Zimron: Kiai Way.

Matt Register: Kiai Way. is the website. We’re going to have it linked right there from Don’t even attempt to spell that. Go to, we’ll have it linked right there, and you can get it the Kiai Way. Jamie, thank you very much for joining us.

Jamie Zimron: Just want to say that I’m happy to have people call me directly as well. 760-492-4653.

Matt Register: There you go. Unfortunately, we’re out of time. We’ve got to pay a couple of our own bills. We’ll be back with a whole lot more Texas Business Radio right after this.

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