Those who want to win BIG in today’s competitive marketplace, call Jeff Blackman. He’s a speaker, author, success coach, broadcast personality and lawyer. He heads Blackman & Associates, a results-producing business-growth firm in the Chicagoland area. His unique creative services, carefully crafted programs and bottom-line coaching and learning-systems help clients drive relationships, revenue, results and rewards.

Jeff’s clients call him, a “business-growth specialist.” His customized Referrals: Your Road to Results learning-system, helped one financial services client generate $230 million directly from referrals, in only 23 months!

Whether Jeff works with you once, or once-a-month in an on-going learning-system, he helps you outdistance your competition and reach new levels of unprecedented success. His high-energy and high-content messages have immediate take-home value.

Here are the 16 power questions promised during the broadcast:

1. What are your key performance or profitability indicators? How would these be jeopardized by (blank) or without (blank)?

2. Let’s imagine, we walk out together, into the future for _____ years. When you look back at that time, what would you have liked to accomplish?

3. What are your priorities?

4. What’s the biggest challenge you face in growing your business?

5. What criteria do you use, to make a decision?

6. Please describe your decision-making process?

7. How will we measure success?

8. What’s the risk of doing nothing?

9. Where are you now? Where would you like to be? How would you like to get there?

10. What would you most like to change, about your current situation?

11. What kind of resources could be re-directed to achieve your goals?

12. What will you value most in our relationship?

13. What are your expectations?

14. What are your strategic initiatives for, (i.e., Q2, Q3, etc.)?

15. What have been some of your concerns, when previously considering _____ ? What can I do to make sure that never happens, when you work with me and our (i.e., company, division, department, station,) team?

16. How soon would you like to implement, (i.e., a game plan, action plan, strategy, direction, creative solution) that will help you, (refer to their specific goals.)?

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About the Author
Matt Register

Matt Register

In addition to hosting "Texas Business Radio," Matt is an investment banker and serial entrepreneur from Montgomery, Texas. He is the owner of RREA Media and Register Real Estate Advisors and a Managing Director and Principal at Corporate Finance Associates. He has a BS from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from Rice University in Houston. You can read more about Matt HERE.

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