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Jeff Megow, CEO of Floor Zone, talks about commercial flooring and the flooring he provided for our remote broadcast booth.

Please excuse any typos in this hasty transcript.

Matt Register: Hey guys, welcome back to the show, Texas Business Radio. We’re down here at the George R. Brown Convention Center at the 46th Turbomachinery and 33rd Pump Symposia. This is brought to you by the Turbo Lab at Texas A&M University and it is a [inaudible 00:00:32], we’re talking about rotating equipment, we’re talking about all kinds of industrial stuff, and a great show.

We’re going to take a quick break from that, though, and I want to brag about our floors and our booth.

George Walden: Yeah, yes.

Matt Register: I’m your host, Matt Register. Jake Curry had something better to do this weekend, but George Walden, our trusty co-host, did not, so he’s here. What do you think George?

George Walden: Well, I’m very excited to be here. More importantly, I’m here beside a friend of mine. Jeff is a fellow member of Vistage with me. He’s one of my trusted advisors, I listen to him all the time and take his advice when he gives the advice in our meetings. So he is part of my board and business.

Having said that, he’s also the person who provided the flooring for this booth and we think this is a terrific looking booth. So …

Matt Register: Yup, I couldn’t agree more. Jeff Megow is the owner of Floor Zone LLC out of Houston. Jeff, welcome to the show, sir.

Jeff Megow: Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure to be on.

Matt Register: So talk to me a little bit about Floor Zone. What do you do? Who do you do it to?

Jeff Megow: Well, I before I start, I want to say thanks to George for the introduction and stuff, it’s an honor to be here and being a part of the [inaudible 00:01:43] group with George is a complete blessing to me and reaped, I think, a lot more reward from it than maybe I’ve been able to give back.

Matt Register: Oh, wonderful.

Jeff Megow: But you know, Floor Zone, we’re a commercial floor covering dealer here in Houston. Texas. We do branch out into Louisiana from time to time when the projects call.

Matt Register: Sure.

Jeff Megow: We are probably about 75% commercial and more on the … There’s all kinds of different types of commercial when you speak about commercial flooring and so the segment that we kind of focus on is more of improvement, corporate headquarters that are remodeling-

Matt Register: Sure.

Jeff Megow: -as they’re relocating or moving, either around town or moving into town.

Matt Register: But you cover all aspects. You talk about vinyl stuff, wood flooring, tile, all of it, right?

Jeff Megow: Yeah. The way I like to answer the question is we’ll do just about anything except for stain concrete, so if you can walk on it, we can put it down and so that might go from an inexpensive commercial glue down carpet to really nice, high-end vinyl plank, kind of like what you guys here in the booth.

Matt Register: Sure.

Jeff Megow: I know we were joking and teasing about that, it’s a great application for a trade show.

Matt Register: Well, we weren’t teasing at all. For what we had. And one of the interesting things, when we first started talking to you about it is how you were able to take what it is we were trying to accomplish, right?

Jeff Megow: Correct.

Matt Register: And you ended up identifying a solution that we didn’t even know was a thing, right? We didn’t even know existed and what we’re talking about here, guys, if you’re listening, go to the website, Texas Business Radio, check out this video, we’ll have some footage of it. But this is vinyl tiles that look like wood floor, right?

Jeff Megow: Luxury vinyl plank is what they call it and so the flooring is luxury vinyl plank, but it’s actually a loose-lay product, so when you’re at a trade show and you’re coming and going quickly and you’re trying to put flooring down, if you want a unique, custom look, like you guys have for your booth, it’s probably the only product you should be looking at, because when you guys set this up, you were telling me you set up about 400 square feet in about 20 minutes.

Matt Register: Yeah, Mr Producer, what do you think? Daniel, what, it took us about 20 minutes?

Jeff Megow: If that, yeah.

Matt Register: To lay down 400 square feet.

Jeff Megow: Which would be a great day for an installation crew, to be able to put in a couple thousand feet and then still have time at lunch to take a nap or something.

Matt Register: Yeah, no doubt. So talk to me a little bit about how you ended up getting into this business.

Jeff Megow: My business partner, who passed away earlier this year got me into the business and it was just through family that we met, but he was kind of … What do you call it? He was well-established in the floor covering industry and had been part owner of a large distribution company for several decades. He came out of retirement to start Floor Zone and then the two of us kind of joined forces. He had developed macular degeneration and when I got in, I was looking to find an industry and find a home and find a business.

Matt Register: Sure.

Jeff Megow: I knew that it was a great introduction because it was somebody who was already established. I came in with a lot of small business management practices that maybe he was not bringing to the table, but he was bringing the relationships and the two of us started just as a two man show and then, now we currently have a staff of 10 and just blowing and going, I guess.

Matt Register: Growing ever since, right?

Jeff Megow: Absolutely.

Matt Register: That’s always nice when you meet that business partner that fills in some of those skills that you gap, and together you end up being a whole lot better than either one of you individually, correct?

Jeff Megow: Absolutely. I tease people and I tell people the first three or four years I sold my business partner Jack. I didn’t sell flooring because the mechanics of running the business, but it was a great buffer or springboard, shall I say to start.

Matt Register: Sure. So you’re looking for any kind of industrial commercial application of flooring. That’s who your customer is, right? That’s who you can solve a problem for.

Jeff Megow: Absolutely. And that’s probably where we excel, I think. We have an estimating department that, if you want to know the fine details of a project, not just in flooring, but the different traits that interact with flooring.

Matt Register: Sure.

Jeff Megow: It’s not unlike our team to kind of reach back out to both the architect and the general contractor, or the say, the concrete supplier who’s going to apply for the job and kind of discuss with them theirs specs and their requirements on what they need to provide to us to make sure we can do a quality job.

Matt Register: That makes all the sense in the world, and I gotta tell you guys, if you are in Texas and you need flooring for any kind of commercial application, you are a fool if you don’t contact these guys because they can help you figure out what it is you need and then provide it. What do you think?

George Walden: So if I may ask, do you do any residential work?

Matt Register: We do.

George Walden: And if you do, how has Harvey affected the business?

Jeff Megow: Harvey has affected the business, both residential and commercial. Like I said, if I said earlier, I think about 70-75% commercial, the rest being residential. Harvey is a blessing and a curse for the industry. So it’s wonderful to have that much business, but it kind of just pushes all your systems to max. Your installation crews get spread thin because there’s just work everywhere and we’ve had to really kind of refocus our process just to make sure that we’re keeping up to date with our current customers as well as helping out the friends and family and the residential work that we do bring in.

Matt Register: What’s the easiest way for somebody to learn more?

Jeff Megow: or you could reach out to us by just calling our office, it’s 713-683-7003.

Matt Register: Got it. We’re going to have that linked right there from If you’re driving and can’t take notes, guys, these are the experts on commercial flooring, so if you need it, give these guys a call. Thank you very much for being a friend of the show, thank you very much for being a friend and we couldn’t recommend these guys enough. So thank you very much, Jeff, for joining us.

Jeff Megow: Likewise, I really appreciate you guys. Thank you, Matt.

Matt Register: Alright, yeah, Last time, Jeff Megow is the CEO of Floor Zone, LLC. We do have to go take a break, we gotta pay a couple of our own bills. We’re going to be back right after this with a whole lot more from the 46th Turbomachinery and 33rd Pump Symposia down here at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. We’ll be back.

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