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Joe Lopez, CEO of theĀ Lopez Marketing Group, joins us to talk about the various segments of the hispanic population and how brands reach each of them.

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Matt Register: Welcome back to the show, Texas Business Radio. is the Web site. We have an exciting show for you today. We’re talking about marketing. Marketing has changed so much over the last 10 years. And it’s changing so fast it’s hard to keep up with it. We’ve got some guests in here I think you’re really, really gonna love. In the meantime, get your calls in, 844-814-8144 is our 24 hour call in line. Get your calls in, we’re going to get the experts in here to get those questions answered. I’m your host Matt Register. Jay Curry sitting over there in the co-host chair. What do you think man?

Jay Curry: Well, we’re talking marketing and we’re talking big, big stuff. And totally being revolutionized by technology, you know, it’s moving and it’s moving quick. And people need to be kept up on what’s going on. This is going to be a great show today.

Matt Register: Yeah, no doubt. And not only technology but we have shifts in demographics that are, that are happening as well…

Jay Curry: Big time.

Matt Register: Right under our nose. LMG Marketing Group, Joe Lopez is the President, Founder, main man over there at LNG Marketing Group. Joe welcome to the show sir.

Joe Lopez: Thank you. Thank you very much. Appreciate it.

Matt Register: So tell me about LMG. What do you do? And who do you do it to?

Joe Lopez: LMG is a full service marketing firm, very focused on the Hispanic market.

Matt Register: Okay.

Joe Lopez: Wither it be English or Spanish. But very focus on the culture itself and making sure that our clients get a chance to not only tap into that market but engage with that market and you know just harvest the opportunities in sales. 55 million people, Latinos in the United States. It’s bigger than Canada, bigger than, than Argentina, bigger than Colombia. That’s gigantic, 1.3 trillion dollars in purchasing power, gigantic.

Matt Register: You know we were talking right before the show. There’s a couple of things I found very, very fascinating about that. Okay, one of them is the sheer numbers because it’s a big number and it’s a growing number. Right?

Joe Lopez: It is.

Matt Register: The other one that I found particularly interesting is not only is there a Hispanic Spanish language market…

Joe Lopez: Right.

Matt Register: Okay. But there is a Hispanic English language market and a lot of brands are not necessarily treating that as a separate market. They are starting, some brands are starting to. Is that correct?

Joe Lopez: Yeah and you know, you have the Spanish dominant. You’re, you’re the Univision’s of the world, the Telemundo’s of the world. That kind of, the Spanish print that’s very, still very strong in the Hispanic market. But you also have a lot of the second generation. A lot of the millennial’s that are very English dominant. They still understand Spanish. They still and specifically the millennial’s have a lot of Latino heritage, a lot of, you know, Mexican heritage, pride if you will. And the culture, it’s the way we live, the way we grew up is very different. The, you were talking about some of the national advertisers that are tapping into that market. Well, unfortunately they think because we speak English…

Matt Register: Right.

Joe Lopez: That you’re talking to me. But if you’re not talking to my hot points, as far as hot buttons that I need for marketing etc. I’m just basically just, you know, just brushing over your advertising and you’re wasting dollars if you’re trying to reach me.

Matt Register: Well, so, you know very simply, that the Hispanic, the English speaking Hispanics are buying like the Spanish speaking Hispanics. They’re being advertised to like the English speaking non-Spanish, non-Hispanics. Correct?

Joe Lopez: You’re exactly right. The culture, the way we grew up is very different. We’re more family oriented. A lot of, you know, the, the, the, if you want to tap into the market, you need to go after the Latino gatekeeper. Which is Mom, Grandma…

Matt Register: Okay.

Joe Lopez: Aunt. You’ll, we’ll, will be in Hispanic settings and you’ll have a lot of input from everybody else, not just the mom and dad.

Matt Register: Well beyond just, you know, large Fortune 500 advertising, you do a lot of other things. Talk to me a little bit about some of the other services you guys are breaking out.

Joe Lopez: You know, we do everything from, from social media marketing, digital marketing, reaching out. We’ve got middle sized companies. We have a company, Window World in, in West Texas that we’re, we’re doing a lot of the work, English and Spanish. We’re doing for Pima Medical Institute, doing, in fact they selected us versus their national agency for West Texas. Because they say “We need to go after that Latino market. We’ve tried it in other markets and it and it hasn’t really, we haven’t had as much success.” So, we’re doing advertising only in, not only English but Spanish for them.

Matt Register: Interesting. Health care is a market. Before the show we were talking about, is, is a huge market that is very under-served in Hispanic community. Talk to me a little bit about that and some of the opportunities that have come up.

Joe Lopez: The Latino market, the Hispanic market is, its got insurance. A lot of people feel they don’t have health insurance. A lot of us have health insurance. A lot of us, you know as we get older the Medicare, Medicaid covers us, etc. And now we’re at the same balance as everybody else that has, that’s on Medicare, Medicaid. So they’re not tapping into this market. They’re not talking to this market. They’re not educating the market. Nobody has become a health care expert within the Latino market. We’ve worked with HCA, which is one of the top, if not the top health care.

Matt Register: Sure.

Joe Lopez: We’ve done the same thing with Tenant. We work with medical centers on a regional basis. And the ones we’ve helped, we’ve been able to tap into a big market that they hadn’t really been addressed. They may run some advertising but it’s a translation advertising versus an engagement advertising.

Jay Curry: And the difference there is, really is a different culture. So the way you get in and make an imprint is totally different. And we don’t get it. Because we’re used to, you know, the U.S. is a big market and I think the English speaking just don’t get the fact that the culture is the whole thing. And a different culture means you approach it differently. You don’t just change the language, you go for a different buyer.

Joe Lopez: Yeah, exactly. And you need to be, you need to put some warmth into it. A lot of the English commercials are; what we provide, what we have. You know, real nice fancy…

Jay Curry: Right.

Joe Lopez: Spots but we need that warmth, we need that engagement. The, again the Latina health care, just like at, just most of us, the woman is the one who is in charge, is the gatekeeper to health care within the families. Hispanic community is even more, she is more of a gatekeeper.

Matt Register: Talk to me about technology because you know within the marketing world, technology has changed everything. That’s no different with you guys. How has technology adjusted the way you guys operate? I mean you’ve been open since 1989. I can imagine the, the difference between then and now. Right?

Joe Lopez: Let me preface it with, technology very strong in the Hispanic community. But television, the number of hours that the Hispanics still watch, spends watching TV is gigantic, over indexing substantially versus the general market. So, Spanish TV and radio is very strong. We love our radio. Radio, in fact there’s studies that show that, that radio is probably the top way to get to it. It is fragmented. So television is very strong because you’ll have only about two or three stations that you can, you can tap into.

Matt Register: Yeah.

Joe Lopez: But digital, smartphone usage is, is indexing higher penetration is higher in the Hispanic market than it is in the general market.

Matt Register: Interesting.

Joe Lopez: Facebook, you know everybody thinks that, that digital is very young focused. Well it turns out that adults in the Hispanic market are indexing much higher, 75 versus like 72 percent with Facebook, Facebook usage etc. in the Hispanic market. So digital is very, very, very strong, very, very important to, to reach in this community. You can, can do digital marketing. You can, you can Geofence. You can do a lot of stuff and target that market very, very easily.

Matt Register: What’s, what’s on the horizon? What’s, what’s, what’s coming next? What are you seeing? Because you’re on the forefront of seeing what’s coming over the next year or so.

Joe Lopez: One of the things that we have, is we’ve created a fully integrated marketing campaign. Everybody talks about integrate. Well, our integration was tying in with Univision on a national basis. Having a, it, we’re, we’re doing some, some product placement inside national TV shows. Coming in with social media, having one of their, you know, one of their presenters on television. They were very very, they used very very good. He had a great following.

Matt Register: Sure.

Joe Lopez: Using him on digital media, on digital outreach and taking it all the way to the retail level. So we had national marketing, social media, regional retail activation. Which is what we call when you go in to the stores.

Matt Register: Sure.

Joe Lopez: It’s all tied in. That’s where it’s headed. So where you have a whole program versus not just one element here, one element there and they’re all working together and…

Matt Register: And everything measured. Right?

Joe Lopez: Yeah.

Jay Curry: Fully integrated.

Joe Lopez: Yeah. Exactly.

Matt Register: Well Joe, what’s the easiest way for somebody to get in touch with you, should they want to?

Joe Lopez: The best way is to, is to, they can reach me at or they can reach, the office number is 915-772-8018.

Matt Register: Got it. They have offices in El Paso, Houston, Dallas, all over the place. LMG Marketing Group, Inc. Joe, thank you very much for joining us.

Joe Lopez: No, thank you. This is awesome. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Matt Register: Joe Louis. I’m sorry. Joe Lopez, President of LMG Marketing Group. We’ve got to go pay some bills of our own. We’ll be back right after this with a whole lot more marketing, here on Texas Business Radio.

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