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We had the opportunity to talk to Kip Wright, CEO of Genuent, to talk about the technology staffing business and the direction of software in general.

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Matt Register: Hey guys, welcome back to the show, Texas Business Radio, is the web site. See the entire thing in beautiful high definition video. Get your questions in there. Call in a 844-814-8144 is our 24 hour call in line. A lot of different ways to get in touch with us. Get your questions in and we’re going to get the experts on here to answer them. Staffing. Staffing is a problem for everybody in business. We were talking earlier. I have never on purpose hired a knucklehead. Yet, I have managed to hire a lot of knuckleheads, in my life. So anything you can do to outsmart that and to ensure that you have the right people and you’re bringing the right people in. Because it’s very, very expensive when you don’t. Right Jay?

Jay Curry: Building, building the culture that you really need. The hiring is you know the pivotal point.

Matt Register: Well and I tell you what, we’ve got the guys in here this week they’re going to tell you how to do it and do it right. Because you do it right, you win. That’s the bottom line. I’m your host Matt Register. Jay Curry here in the co-host chair. Jay talked to me.

Jay Curry: Well, as you said this is about staffing but it also crosses over into another favorite spot that we get into and that’s the importance of information technology, for any business, of any size. And when you mesh the two together and you do it well, this is, this is really good stuff for business people. They need to hear this and they need to meet Kip.

Matt Register: Yeah, no doubt. OK. So one of the premier I.T. staffing companies in the state of Texas is Genuent. Kip Wright, President, CEOs here in the studio with us. Kip Welcome to the show.

Kip Wright: Thank you very much. Glad to be here.

Matt Register: So tell us a little bit about Genuent. What do you do? Who do you do it to?

Kip Wright: As Jay mentioned, we are at an I.T. staffing provider. Our focus is primarily in technology. We believe that there is great strength and building a company that has a very singular focus. And for us that is making sure that we provide our clients with the best and most qualified technical resources that we can. We do that across a number of different ways. We can bring those to our clients in terms of full time employment. We can bring them on a contract basis for a period of time. We can bring them in, so that they can try the individuals. On what’s called a contract to perm or temp to perm for environment or we can help staff an entire project team. But for us technology and technology skills is our focus.

Matt Register: Will be… you go beyond that, right? Because you can find warm bodies. You can find qualified warm bodies. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to fit the culture, they’re going to fit the company. You have to go a step further to ensure that you’re getting the right people in there and not just a person in there, right?

Kip Wright: Right. Now that’s exactly right. We actually have have a belief within Genuent, that the staffing industry has reached kind of a pivotal point. Where, the past, in which a lot of the focus was on pushing resumes out as quickly as possible, finding someone on paper that would match the job description that’s out there for our clients, was in fact where the industry was heading. We believe that there’s a different approach. We believe, very frankly, that relationships matter.

Matt Register: Sure.

Kip Wright: And we believe that, we are providing talent, which is human and that is not a commodity. So, we believe that clients have needs specifics to a job description and experience. But they also need to make sure that the individual that they bring to the table has the right personality. Can fit within their culture. Works within the environment and the work ethic that the supervision of all managers that are part of a client are expecting for their talent. and on the flip side, we believe that the talent we’re bringing to the table is the biggest asset. And if we’re not working to make sure that those individuals and their needs are properly aligned to what they need and to what the client needs. Then you’re not going to have the right fit and you won’t have the right results from the talent that you provide.

Matt Register: Well, and bring it in the right fit ensures that you have repeat clients and lifetime clients. Right? I mean if you’re getting the right people on there, they’re having success with it and you’re able to find a way to weed through that pile of resumes to get to the people that are the right fit. Boy, what kind of value are you adding to that business. I mean that’s a tremendous amount of value.

Kip Wright: Yeah, absolutely. And we believe that when you’ve… when you match the right individual to a client. That what you find is something that’s much greater than any hourly rate that you might be paying for the individual. You find someone who’s work ethic is focused on it, who’s committed to the cause, who sees this as a journey within their own career progression. Whether that in having different assignments that build their resume over time or looking for opportunities that could lead to full time employment. We think there’s great power in there.

Jay Curry: Now, Kip. The trick here is not just finding somebody that has the skills. I mean you can use the latest technologies, monster and all that stuff out there. But you guys really work on getting the right people in there. And that’s got to go beyond just looking at the background. Do you have tools and things of that sort gets to how are they to fit that particular culture, along those lines.

Kip Wright: Perfect stand up man for me. Yes, in fact we have a technology or a set of technologies that we’ve kind of branded and a process around, that we call it Genuent talent on demand.

Jay Curry: Genuine…

Kip Wright: Genuent talent on demand and the idea.. or GTOD. And the idea of GTOD is that we go out and we focus on making sure that when we screen the individuals… so we understand their personality. We understand in their skill set. We understand them beyond what the resume has. That’s an important piece of it.

Jay Curry: That’s key to what you’re doing and really.

Kip Wright: A second piece of that that’s even more important. Is we make sure that the client gets visibility into that. So, it’s in how we present the candidates back to them. As in making sure that when they see the candidate they don’t just see a resume. They get a description and the background of the individual. They get the ability to look at personality test, skills test, if they’ve done specific coding, they can actually see the results of some of those coding exams. But more importantly they get to do a video interview with the candidate. So we record the candidates. All of our candidates to go thru the GTOD process, do a video interview and that why the hiring manager can quickly kind of go through and sample various questions and they can get a sense of that individual. So when they bring them in. Its a faster process for them. They’ve got a better sense of whether the individual is going to fit. And that strengthens their ability to see beyond the resume.

Jay Curry: So reality is you’re using the latest technology, video is very powerful. I mean you can have a skype or video conversation with them. You can get an awful lot of information and get this thing down to smaller. That’s powerful stuff.

Kip Wright: Yeah we think that there’s… we think it’s revolutionary in many respects. We think it’s the wave of the future.

Jay Curry: Sounds revolutionary.

Matt Register: So talk to me a little bit about how the industry has changed over the last couple of… over the last several years. Technology has changed everything in almost every industry. Your industry is not only in… no exception to that but probably more so, has changed your industry than most others. How has… how is a headhunter, how is a staffing company operating differently today than it did 10 years ago?

Kip Wright: So, if… it is a great question. If you look back years ago, what a recruiter used to do is they would pick up the phone and they would just start dialing. So to speak dialing for dollars. They would call, find individuals, they ask that individual for a referral. The next individual they would ask for a referral and so forth. What we found is that over time, there’s been a host or an array of different technologies that have provided our recruiters the ability to sort and to source those individuals. Everything from job boards, to social communities; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, all of those are communities where talent lies. And in many respects sourcing those avenues are a great area. Talent that helps you screen them better. To look at the personality of the individual. To look at their ability to test out within the specific skill set. And as you mentioned before the whole concept of video to actually view that talent in a different way. That is where we’re starting to see the whole process really evolve.

Matt Register: Know, it makes a lot of sense.

Jay Curry: Sure does.

Matt Register: And with Microsoft buying LinkedIn, with a lot of changes going on right now. You’ve got to stay on top of it. Because, you know, you have opportunities for people to do it themselves. And any time you have the ability for somebody to do it themselves, they lose a lot of the nuance that is what brings them success. You know if a company is going to go out and they’re going to attempt to run that hiring process themselves. They’re certainly not going to get the insight into these guys that they are by using professionals that do this every single day. Right?

Kip Wright: I think that’s right. But again this is where we’re trying to make sure we bring the old back and with the new. Because technology can also dis-intermediate the ability to truly understand a candidate and their strengths. And so we believe again, relationships matter and that understanding the individual. Understanding their personality. Getting to know our clients and if we know both ends of that, then we make a much stronger match.

Jay Curry: And I love it. Very good.

Matt Register: No doubt.

Jay Curry: Excellent.

Matt Register: Kip Wright, President and CEO of Genuent. What’s the easiest way to get in touch with each?

Kip Wright: You can go out to, and you can find out all about us.

Matt Register: Wonderful, Guys your driving and can’t take notes, we’re going to have links to everybody we’re talking to right there on is the Web site. We got to pay a couple of bills. We’re going to go to a quick break. We’re going to be back right… on the back of the break. Bring you more about staffing. Guys, you got to get this right. Got to get it right. Got to get right first time, if you do, your going to win. We’ll be right back.

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