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Megan Alarid, the EOS Implementor at Heightened Leaders talks in depth about best business practices for entrepreneurial growth.

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Jay Curry: Hello, Texas. Welcome back. Welcome back to Texas Business Radio. Wow, we’re having some fun. This segment’s going to be a great one. But before we get started, a quick reminder,, that’s all you need to know, Everything we do is there in high definition color, everything, every guest, it’s all there, We do give you a couple other options, though. You can call in on our world famous 24-hour hotline. That’s right, Matt has a red phone right by his bed. He’s sitting, waiting for that to go off. Call us, 844-814-8144, any time of the day, any time of the night. We’re going to get the experts. We’ll get your questions answered. And we will get it on the air for you. Now, if you’re into tweeting, Twitter, you can hashtag TBR, just like Texas Business Radio, #TBR. We’re monitoring that daily. That’s the way you get to us, send us, call us, whatever it might work. But it’s really Okay. Hope I made that point well. We have a great segment going. We have, in the studio with us, Megan Alarin. I didn’t get that right, did I? Pronounce it for me again.

Megan Alarid: Alarid.

Jay Curry: See? Now you can get comfortable, right?

Megan Alarid: There you go.

Jay Curry: Relax. Alarid. Megan Alarid, she represented Heightened Leaders. And her expertise is the entrepreneurial operating system. And folks … I know, George, you’re going to have some feedback on this, too. You know if you watch the program at all, that we are into peer advisory groups. We’re into best business practices, the things that really help business owners, business leaders, do a better job. And this is a major, major series of best business practices that’s been put together very neatly. And you need to hear about it and you need to know about it. What do you think, George? George Walden’s joined us.

George Walden: Well, Megan is going to teach us or talk to us about how to create a purpose-driven business. Too many companies out there don’t have a goal. They don’t have a direction. They’re just floundering, looking for the next call to come in. How do you make a team that becomes purpose driven? Megan is going to explain that to us.

Jay Curry: That’s only one of, I’m sure, several hundred steps. But it’s the one you’ve got to start with, right?

Megan Alarid: That’s true.

Jay Curry: Megan, thank you for joining us.

Megan Alarid: Thank you for having me.

Jay Curry: Let’s start by telling us, Heightened Leaders, tell us what that’s about, and then what this EOS stuff is all about. And then we’ll get into some of the technical stuff.

Megan Alarid: Heightened Leaders is the name of my practice. I am setting out to help all business owners, any that need to be that purpose-driven company, to be doing that. As an EOS implementer, I get to work with those leadership teams and help them find and drive to that purpose-driven mission.

Jay Curry: Okay. And you specialize with the entrepreneurial operating system.

Megan Alarid: I do.

Jay Curry: Can you tell us a little bit of background about what that’s all about?

Megan Alarid: Sure. EOS is a simple set of practical tools that help those entrepreneurs, those business owners, and those business leaders, achieve three things: a clear vision, the discipline and the accountability to make that vision happen, and that healthy environment, that healthy team, to help make it all come together. That’s really what it is. And it’s an amazing set of tools.

Jay Curry: It’s basically the right way to run your business.

Megan Alarid: It’s the right way to run your business.

Jay Curry: Yeah, but how do you get started? I mean, where do you even get started? George mentioned purpose driven companies and things like that. Is that what you’re after, or what you’re trying to drive?

Megan Alarid: Absolutely. Absolutely. Getting your teams, getting your entire company aligned to a vision, aligned to a purpose, it changes the energy of your company. Instead of having everybody … The word’s probably not the best to use, but floundering around, doing their own thing, following their own set of rules … If you have everyone aligned … And everyone, I mean, from sales, from operations, to finance, everyone aligned to one goal, it really does change the energy of the company. Instead of having finger pointings, and the people saying, “It’s not my job to do that,” or, “It’s not my job to do this,” you actually start to have people all seeing the same thing and offering that can-do attitude, that help, if you will. Having that purpose driven company, having that shared, aligned vision, it is incredibly powerful.

Jay Curry: I like the word “aligned.” ‘Cause you can align your people. You can align everything you’re doing, if you figure this out right.

Megan Alarid: Exactly.

Jay Curry: If you don’t, then you have the drama king, the drama queen, you’ve got disruptions. Nobody’s … People, even with a good heart, are out doing things different because they think that’s the way we’re going, that’s what our purpose is. And you bring that all together, right?

Megan Alarid: Yes. It’s getting that vision out of the head of the entrepreneur, out of the head of the business owner, and really getting it in the head of everyone around them. If I were to pull a team of five people in the room, and ask them all, “What is the big goal? What are we working towards? What do we want to be?” That answer, I hear the exact same thing five times, instead of five different versions of something. When you have those five different versions, then you have 25 people all going towards five different things.

Jay Curry: What kind of company are you looking for? I mean, is this … I would think the really big boys and girls, they have their own internal for this. You’re looking middle market, small?

Megan Alarid: Small, mid-sized businesses that are frustrated, right?

Jay Curry: Okay.

Megan Alarid: They’ve got profit problems. It’s not where they want them to be.

Jay Curry: That’s a good sign. When you have that, you need to fix something, right?

Megan Alarid: You need to do something.

Jay Curry: What else?

Megan Alarid: When they’ve got people problems. People problems meaning, again, I always go to, is your parking lot empty at 5:01? Those type of things, people that aren’t doing what they say they’re going to do. And ultimately, it boils down to, they’ve probably just hit a ceiling. And they need help getting through that ceiling. Those type of frustrations, they need a system like EOS.

Jay Curry: Tell me your background for this. ‘Cause it’s a very unique background. Your competitive advantage is the experience that you’ve had.

Megan Alarid: A little bit. I have about 20 years of the people business. I’ve built and led staffing companies that have addressed, always, finding the right person for the right seat. My introduction to EOS actually helped me be a better leader in a people business like that, making sure that we do align ourselves to that vision, and then using the tools of EOS to get that to happen. That is why I’m here today. My experience in that business, and then seeing it actually impact me and the way that I dealt with my clients and the way that I actually aligned the teams, I understood that this is something that’s needed everywhere. And that’s why I’m here today.

Jay Curry: It sounds like you actually experienced this before you went to work doing this. You experienced it in a company.

Megan Alarid: I did.

Jay Curry: It made you a better leader. You went, “Wow. This is great stuff.” And now you’re off doing it on your own.

Megan Alarid: I am.

Jay Curry: Tell us a little bit more about EOS. Has that been around forever? Does it just cover the front end passion? It’s pretty much a cradle to grave operating system for business leaders, right?

Megan Alarid: It is. It is a full set of tools that help you answer six areas or components of your business, right? We help to strengthen those things. The first one is your vision, again, making sure everyone sees exactly what you see, crystal clear. The second is making sure you’ve got the right people doing the right things in the business. The third is just making sure that you’re managing the business outside of the ego and the opinion, so making sure you’re managing on measureables or data, if you will. Making sure that you’re truly solving your issues, not just kicking the can down the road, if you will. Your processes are strong, you’re following that. I always go back to customer service is directly linked to consistency. And consistency is directly linked to how strong your process is. If you can manage your process, your customer service is going to be phenomenal. And then, last but not least, is the traction component, just making sure that you are doing what you say you’re doing, executing and moving towards your goals.

Jay Curry: It’s really … If you’re having trouble in your business, whether it be people, profit, customers, you need to get ahold of you and look at the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Because it’s got best business practices to deal with this.

Megan Alarid: It does.

Jay Curry: And if you’re really good, you take it from the beginning, and you work it all the way through your system. Is that right?

Megan Alarid: All the way through. Yep.

Jay Curry: From the top to the bottom. Well, this is a fabulous system. And it’s worldwide, United States, it’s been around-

Megan Alarid: It is worldwide. We are growing like mad all over the world.

Jay Curry: Okay. And the area that you cover? Texas?

Megan Alarid: I’m in Texas. Yup.

Jay Curry: Anywhere in Texas.

Megan Alarid: Anywhere in Texas.

Jay Curry: Give Megan a call, okay? Thank you so much for being with us. George, thank you for joining us. You’ve been quiet for this segment, but …

George Walden: Sorry about that.

Jay Curry: It was good to have you in for the program.

Megan Alarid: Thank you for having me.

Jay Curry: I’ve been talking to Megan Alarid, who is Heightened Leaders. How do they get ahold of you if they want to connect with you?

Megan Alarid: You can schedule some time with me from my website. I would love to have you.

Jay Curry: Folks, you need to go check it out. It’s powerful stuff. It’s really, really good. I’ve seen it implemented many, many places. George, thank you for joining me.

Megan Alarid: Thank you.

Jay Curry: Megan, thank you for stepping in. This has been very interesting. We’re going to have to go pay some bills. So don’t go anywhere, ’cause we’re going to be right back in just a few minutes. This is Jay Curry. We’ll be right back.

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