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Meli Jean, Owner of Meli Marketing, talks about ensuring your local business has their hyper local search results correct.

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Jay Curry: And we’re back. Hello Texas. Welcome back to Texas Business Radio. We’ve got a great program today. We’re talking about marketing. And you know marketing is one of those areas where technology and the internet has just turned the world upside down. Today with a good marketing firm, you can look as good as that billion dollar company. You just need a good firm that can apply the new techniques that are available. And that’s what we’re talking about today. And in the studio for this segment, we’ve got a very special guest, Meli Jean. Did I get that one right? Okay. With Meli Marketing and she’s the owner and founder and, but we also have Chad. Is it Jude?

Chad Jude: Jude. Correct. Thanks Jay.

Jay Curry: Okay. Who’s operations manager…

Chad Jude: That is correct.

Jay Curry: For Meli Marketing. Right?

Chad Jude: Correct.

Jay Curry: Okay. So welcome to the studio both of you.

Meli Jean: Thanks for having us.

Jay Curry: So tell me Meli, what is Meli Marketing and what are you guys doing?

Meli Jean: Okay. So Meli Marketing is a full service digital agency. We do brand strategy, business consulting and then we’re also a full service agency. We actually provide web site services, app development services but we, we also provide an array of digital marketing services. Everything from social media to funnel ads to content marketing, graphics, everything that is a must in today’s world for digital marketing clients.

Jay Curry: So, that’s kind of your competitive advantage. Right? I mean, so many firms are pretty small and they just outsource to other people. Maybe you don’t know it but there really using this firm over here for…

Meli Jean: Right.

Jay Curry: Web development and this firm over here for Google analytics or whatever it might be. But you are a full service, you have everybody…

Meli Jean: Everybody in house Jay. We have everybody in house. Every person that works on our team is an expert in their industry for that, for that particular aspect of the digital marketing. Whether it’s a social media, ad copy writer or it’s going to be someone who’s going to produce the actual ads or it’s going to be a video person or it’s going to be just a writer or a graphic designer or web designer. Everything that you need to make your image on the internet cohesive, we have in house. And we have the ability to be able to alter it and instantly.

Jay Curry: It’s a one stop shop. Right?

Meli Jean: Yes, yeah. I guess you could say it like that. That’s a good way to say it. Yeah.

Jay Curry: Even content blogging and things of that sort. I mean you really are covering the…

Meli Jean: Everything.

Jay Curry: Whole gamut. And that gives you, what?

Meli Jean: That gives us the ability to be able to pull in all the data instantaneously from every single area and be able to see either what’s not working, what needs to be fixed. It’s kind of like a pie. Right? You don’t want to eat half the pie and not have the filling. Right?

Jay Curry: That wouldn’t be very good. Would it?

Meli Jean: No, no. You have to have every piece of the pie. Right? And you want to, you want to take in the whole pie, till it’s gone because then you know, it’s a good pie. Okay. So we are the full pie. We have every ingredient in the pie, in house.

Jay Curry: So Meli, what are you seeing? What, what’s the trend now?

Meli Jean: Sure.

Jay Curry: Where’s the ship going?

Meli Jean: Sure. So, Video. Video is huge. If you don’t have 3 videos on your content pieces, on your internet, either you’re, you’re, either through your blog, either through your social media, either through your web site, then you are going to be losing major traffic. And you’re going to be losing major engagement. So please spend that money on your videos. Have a nice branding video for 2018.

Jay Curry: Yeah. We have seen the whole gamut go from, you know, with google it was just writing. First you needed to have a brochure site and then it got to be, you know, color pictures and now video. Which is thousands of pictures. Right? That’s really the driver now. I mean, if you’re not in to video, you’re missing it folks. Right?

Meli Jean: Well, the trick with the video Jay, is actually the pixels that are attached to the video. Because now we have the ability to be able to track who’s watching those videos. And we have the ability to be able to re-market those people that were interested. We can even see how long they watch the video and when we lost them. So it’s real important to have those videos everywhere.

Jay Curry: That information allows you though, to qualify your leads to your clients. Right?

Meli Jean: Correct.

Jay Curry: And that’s really powerful information.

Meli Jean: You got it. Wow. Yes. Awesome. Yeah. That’s, that’s, yeah, so how that works Jay, exactly is, you might have 10 different types of material that’s out there. Yes, you might be a doctor but you have a specialty as a doctor. Right? So you only want to target, not just people looking for a doctor but people looking for that special type of doctor. And maybe you specialize in, in a particular type of surgery. So that is the piece of content that you’re going to want to be throwing out there and you want to attach that to an audience that is actually looking for that. And that’s how we’re able to find that.

Jay Curry: Very powerful stuff. So how do you get your leads? I mean, do you have a sales team and you know…

Meli Jean: No. So, all the business that Meli Marketing, in general has, has done, is all been by referral. It’s just been repeat business, referral. We have a very high retention rate. A lot of our clients have been with us for 12 years plus. We are really, we don’t look at them as clients, we look at this as a partnership. It’s a relationship building process, us getting to know and understanding their business. And being patient with them, so that we can help market their business and help them achieve success.

Jay Curry: Well, we spent quite a bit of time talking before we came on air and one of the things I was very impressed by your organization is your out-of-the-box thinking.

Meli Jean: Thank you.

Jay Curry: I mean, I think that’s so important.

Meli Jean: Yes.

Jay Curry: And you made the analogy of attorneys, which is one of your big strong holds. I grew up in the big four accounting world and it’s the same, same thing. Man, we don’t want to get creative.

Meli Jean: Yeah.

Jay Curry: We don’t want to think about a different way of doing thing. So having your own staff and having full control really gives you the power to be helpful.

Meli Jean: Correct. That’s exactly right. And one of the pieces of advice I’d say to people, just because someone’s told you to do it a specific way, doesn’t mean it has to be done that way. Really go outside the box, go with your heart and do what’s right. It works.

Jay Curry: So, one of the things you do that I found fascinating is your animation and stuff.

Meli Jean: Thank you. Yes. So, we, everything we do design wise, is custom. We don’t use templates or pull stuff from the internet. Everything is custom made for our clients and yes, we do make animations. We find that the animations actually help explain to people exactly what that message is that they’re trying to communicate to the audience. And it can be done very simple with illustrations and then adding the movement to it and then guess what? That’s a video as well.

Jay Curry: Wow. Very powerful. Now you guys got some pretty exciting stuff. You’ve got a new product out. Chad, why don’t you tell us a little bit about the scan.

Chad Jude: Sure Jay, thanks. Yeah, so at Meli Marketing we have noticed that a business cannot take itself to the next level, until it goes through a methodical process. And the first part, of course, being a foundation. Just like a house, if you don’t have a solid foundation, it’s going to crumble no matter what you do. Twenty years ago we all used to flip open the Yellow Pages to find what we need.

Jay Curry: Exactly.

Chad Jude: Need a mechanic, look under car repair and I find a mechanic. Awesome! Today, 20 years later, no. There’s hundreds of maps, directories, listings, search engines online and of course Google dominating things needs information to be able to dominate those things. Not everyone uses Google. Not everyone uses Yelp. Not everyone uses Facebook. Not everyone uses Foursquare. The scan feature that we have on our Web site at Meli,, will check any business that’s out there and instantly tell that business if they have errors across the internet pertaining to their name, phone number, address, Web site, hours of operation.

Jay Curry: So, if you had old, old stuff out there, you may have an old address, you may have an old telephone number, this goes and checks it for you.

Chad Jude: Absolutely.

Jay Curry: and it’s free.

Chad Jude: Absolutely.

Jay Curry: Right?

Chad Jude: Absolutely. F R E E. Absolutely no cost whatsoever. And what we’re finding is an average business has about four phone numbers floating around and not all of them are even good.

Jay Curry: So let’s check it out folks. You got it right there. So Meli, how does someone get a hold of you.

Meli Jean: Sure. So, you can either call 832-821-6354, M E L I or you can go to my Web site at

Jay Curry: All right folks, so there you have it. Thank you so much. This has been very interesting. We’re going to have to go pay some bills. This is Jay Curry. Matt’s going to be back in our next segment, so don’t go anywhere. Stay right where you are. We’ll be right back.

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