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Javvad Qasimi, Marketing Director at Windrock stops by the booth with details about advancements in compressor monitoring equipment.

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Matt Register: And welcome back to the show. Texas Business Radio from down here at the Georgia R. Brown Convention Center at the Turbo Show; at the 47th Turbo Machinery and 34th Pump Symposium. So we’re talking about things that go round and round and all the industries that support this. I’m your host, Matt Register, Jay Curry had to step out, he’s going to join us here shortly.
But in the meantime, we are bringing you the best of the Turbo Show. We have an interesting company in here. These guys are in the monitoring business of big heavy equipment. They’re in the business of being able to measure how your equipment is doing, send it to the cloud, send it to whatever analytics program you want to use, and that now gives you data on how well your equipment is performing right? If you need maintenance of whatever. Very important stuff if you’re operating this very high dollar equipment.
Javvad Qasimi is a sales and marketing director for Windrock. Welcome to the show. Welcome back the show. I think we had you on last year, right?

Javvad Qasimi: You did. Thank you, Matt. Thanks for-

Matt Register: So last year you were talking about some compressor technology that you have that goes in and measures a lot of components with compressors, right?

Javvad Qasimi: Yep, that’s right, yeah. So last year, we launched this really cool product we call that spotlight. So the problem with the compressors and not being able to proactively identify the failure modes and solve them, is a real industry issue. We launched the spotlight for compressors to be able to pull in pressure temperature vibration data from the compressors so the end users can proactively see how it’s performing and be proactive about it.
Well this year, within 12 months… a little bit sooner actually, because Turbo was in December last year, we come up with what we call the spotlight for engines. So it’s a perfect match, and a logical extension to what we were doing. Not only can we now identify what’s going on with the compressors, but also a combination of a compressor engine. More often than not, an engine drives a compressor-

Matt Register: But the streams of data coming off of this isn’t valuable information in and of itself, right? You got to be able to turn that data into something that is decision making information for the operator, correct?

Javvad Qasimi: Absolutely.

Matt Register: And so the software end of it, you guys handle as well, is that correct?

Javvad Qasimi: That is true. You hit the nail on the head, Matt. So the data doesn’t mean anything by itself, so we have the subject matter expertise that we look at the data, we analyze the data, and we give intelligent actionable insight to the end user. To say here’s how you can help improve your bottom line. Here’s how you can improve your efficiencies. Here’s how you can reduce down time.

Matt Register: Or, here’s an indication that this might need some service, or this is about to go out, correct?

Javvad Qasimi: Exactly right. That’s exactly right. This is proactive, continuous, condition base monitoring.

Matt Register: So we were talking during the break, and there’s a couple things that I thought was very interesting out of this. We talked to a lot of companies that are in the infancy of the big data as applied to industry. So now, with compressors, now, with the engines that power these compressors you have a lot of data that comes into the cloud. Right? That you guys analyze. This is a lot of information that’s able to then be used as … I don’t know that this information has ever been put in one place ever before, is that correct?

Javvad Qasimi: That is true, that is true. Because Windrock has been doing this for 20 years, we have the data for almost every compressor manufactured that you can think of, and the engine manufacture that you can think of. So imagine a new customer coming in and saying hey, I want to be able to tap into that global pool of information that you have to be able to make intelligent decisions. We provide that to them. There’s no names, it’s just data that they can benefit from.

Matt Register: Even more interesting than that is, we’ve identified that a certain vibration pattern indicates a potential failure, and that’s something that individual operator’s not going to know without having a tremendous amount of them, right?

Javvad Qasimi: That’s exactly right. Our artificial intelligence partners and our programs, are bael to do pattern recognition, and be able to say Mr. Customer, we’ve seen this pattern before. We’ve seen the same circumstances before, and here’s what has happened before. So to avoid the same situation, here’s what you could do to be proactive about the situation, and improve your profitability.

Matt Register: So talk to me, so say I have a compressor, I have a motor attached to it. Both of them are getting data streams off of that. It’s being sent to the cloud. At what point does the operator on the ground actually get decision making information. Is that near real time, or how does that actually work?

Javvad Qasimi: Near real time, right. So you mentioned cloud. We actually have a non cloud based offering as well for those customers who are not comfortable with cloud just yet. We leave it up to the customers. It’s real time, so this captures data instantly, and as soon as there’s an anomaly the customer gets an instant alert on their phones, their emails, their laptops, however they choose to get the communication through.

Matt Register: Interesting. So real time, the operator on the ground can take corrective action or do something when they have an indication of this.

Javvad Qasimi: You got it, absolutely.

Matt Register: Wow. That’s interesting stuff, and I tell you what, I’ve talked to a lot of technology companies and they’re starting to dabble in the industrial side of it, which I think is the big money side of this internet of things, of phenomenon, that’s happening, but the closer to the actual equipment that the actual analysis can be done, the more actionable that information is. Would you agree with that?

Javvad Qasimi: Absolutely agree with that. You want to give the information and the actionable insights to as close as you can get on the field. It’s not going through a control room, or there’s nobody else-

Matt Register: Or to a corporate headquarters that doesn’t even know where it actually is, right?

Javvad Qasimi: Exactly.

Matt Register: So, how many times is this … this system that you have, you can attach to the actual analytics side of it right there on site if they chose to do that, is that accurate?

Javvad Qasimi: That is true, yep. So this is a feature for the compressors, right? This is a smart bot for the compressors. It’s got pressure into suction, discharge temperature vibration, and now we’re launching the spotlight for engines. Which is monitoring vibrations on valve trains, turbos, bearings, frame vibrations, and be able to get intelligent actionable information.

Matt Register: Interesting stuff, and you guys are at a pretty fast clip here, coming up with additional things that you can monitor like this. So what are you going to bring to me next year, right?

Javvad Qasimi: Well, there’s a whole road map. So within 12 months you have another product for spotlight for engines that we launch in the next … there’s spotlight for pumps, there’s spotlight for motors, so you can expect a lot of innovation from us, and that’s what we’re focused on.

Matt Register: Interesting stuff. Well good. What’s the easiest way for somebody to learn more, should they want to learn more?

Javvad Qasimi:

Matt Register:, we’re going to have that linked right from Texas Business If you’re driving, can’t take notes, or whatever. Javvad Qasimi is the sales and marketing director
for Windrock. Thank you for joining us.

Javvad Qasimi: Thank you, Matt. Thanks for having me.

Matt Register: Interesting stuff guys. We are going to continue to bring you the best of the Turbo show right here at the Georgia R. Brown convention center. We’ll be back right on the other side of the break with a whole lot more Texas Business Radio. Don’t go anywhere.

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