The National Advisor Showcase is a special segment of Texas Business Radio designed to recognize and showcase the talents of national level speakers and advisors who do business in Texas and have a wealth of information to share.

Chris Risey – Lantern Capital Advisors

Chris Risey, CEO of Lantern Capital Advisors, joins us in a National Advisor Showcase segment to talk about helping businesses with capital. Please excuse any typos in this hasty transcript. Matt [...]

Robert Sher – CEO to CEO

We had the opportunity to speak with Robert Sher, Founder of CEO to CEO and author of “Mighty Mid-sized Companies”, about how to grow a business past the stage where most business [...]

John and Etienne Turner, Digital J2

John & Etienne Turner, a father/son team that are both Managing Partners for Digital J2, join us for a National Advisor Showcase segment about inbound marketing and how this can change the [...]

Gordon Tunstall, Tunstall Consulting

We spoke with Gordon Tunstall, Founder of Tunstall Consulting, about finding the required capital to properly scale a company in this National Advisor Showcase segment. Please excuse any typos in [...]

Craig Weber, Weber Consulting Group

We had a chance to sit down with Craig Weber, CEO and founder of Weber Consulting Group, about leadership and how it effects the performance of teams. Below is a little more about Craig as well [...]

Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy, Think Shift

Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy is a veteran corporate executive with more than 30 years of corporate experience, having run 16 different businesses in his career. With a Ph.D. in computer science and a [...]

Severin Sorensen, ePraxis

Severin Sorensen, CPP is a serial entrepreneur, executive coach, and M&A advisor on the physical security markets. Severin is President & CEO of Sikurity LLC, with 25+ years senior-level [...]

Jeff Blackman, Blackman & Associates

Those who want to win BIG in today’s competitive marketplace, call Jeff Blackman. He’s a speaker, author, success coach, broadcast personality and lawyer. He heads Blackman & Associates, a [...]

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