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Nick Ewing, President of SecureComm Technologies, joins us to talk physical security.

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Matt Register: Welcome back to the show, Texas Business Radio. is the Web site. We’re talking security this week on the show. There is a lot of technology that is, this is a very, very fast moving industry. And a lot of technology has come online that has really changed the way this, this industry operates. We’ve talked cyber security, now we’re going to talk a little bit of physical security. Now, Jay Curry my co-host had to step out for a minute. I’m your host Matt Register. We’re going to jump right into it. Securecomm Technologies is a company here, out of Houston. We have Nick Ewing, who’s the President and Billy Tipps, who’s the Sales Manager over there. And, Nick welcome to the show.

Nick Ewing: Thank you. Thank you.

Matt Register: Tell me a little…

Nick Ewing: It’s good to be here.

Matt Register: Tell me about Securecomm. What do you do? Who do you do it to?

Nick Ewing: Well, you know, Securecomm, we, we do a lot of industrial type installations for security products. We also took it to the next level, we offer fire systems, you know, the high end security systems. Systems that you’re going to be able to get and retrieve the forensic evidence that you need. Facial recognition, that type of thing. We also provide access control system. And, you got to understand nowadays, all these systems are integrated, PC based, if you will. They all talk through a server and they all talk to each other, if you will. You can integrate camera systems with your access control system. For instance, if you want to retrieve video from a time that somebody read a badge, present a badge through one of your Access Control doors, you’ll be able to retrieve that video live on a tag that shows that card read. And it will have a video tag associated with that card read.

Matt Register: And everybody wants it on their phone instantly. Right?

Nick Ewing: That’s right. That is correct. Yes sir.

Matt Register: Well, so your company ends up looking a whole lot more like a technology company than it does a, you know, a previous, you know, 15 year old, you know, physical security company. Right?

Nick Ewing: It sure does. Yes sir.

Matt Register: So talk to me a little bit about some of the… I guess technological changes that have happened. Because, you know we’re, everything’s integrated, everything’s networked. What are some of the newer things? You talk briefly about facial recognition and stuff. How important is that? Because, you know five, 10 years ago it wasn’t a big deal at all or wasn’t able to, you know, they weren’t able to do it.

Nick Ewing: Yes sir.

Matt Register: Nowadays they are.

Nick Ewing: Yes sir, they are. Yeah. The technology has really caught up. I mean to the security market. You know, you know used to hear these things about the eye scanners and retinal scanners and that stuff is real now. People are using it in real time. We went to a trade show the other day and you know you can read somebodies retinal scan from about three feet away. So you can just walk close to the door…

Matt Register: Oh, wow.

Nick Ewing: Close enough to get a retinal scan and you don’t have to put your face into a scanner or anything like that. It can read you from a distance. And then facial recognition, people are using that for access control as well for identifying people.

Matt Register: Wow.

Nick Ewing: Yes sir.

Matt Register: Well, that’s and that is a big change from, from 10 years ago. Billy talk to me a little bit. Because you guys do a lot of work in kindergarten through 12th grade school district schools. With a lot of the things that have happened over, you know a lot of the mass shootings. A lot of the security concerns that have happened inside of a school, schools are spending money on this stuff now. Right?

Billy Tipps: That’s correct.

Matt Register: So tell me a little bit about why, you know, what kind of systems are going into these schools. And, because it’s integrated all the way from, I mean that front desk can see everything. Right?

Billy Tipps: Everything. They, they integrate the access control with the cameras and… We’re there for one reason. We’re protecting who? The kids.

Matt Register: Yeah.

Billy Tipps: And the cameras that these schools are putting in are, you know, pretty high quality. They can see the images on their phones. They can see them right there, like you said, at the front desk. And they can link it right to the access control; who’s going where, who’s doing what, who’s in what room and that sort of thing. And on a law enforcement side, that’s beneficial. Because if they know somebody comes in, they can pretty much tell them the area in which they’re at, not necessarily what classroom but that area and it’s very beneficial.

Matt Register: Well and nobody wants to be the guy that said “Well we didn’t put that security system in because I wanted to save a little money and a bunch of kids got hurt”. Right?

Billy Tipps: Right. Right.

Matt Register: So who’s driving the tech, I mean, you know, new technologies get invented every day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that that is a game changer or something that somebody needs to go in and revamp their entire security system for. What is driving a lot of this technological, implementation of the technology, I guess?

Nick Ewing: The manufacturers. The manufacturers are always looking for, for new ways to upgrade or add features to their current systems…

Matt Register: Right.

Nick Ewing: To compete with their competitors. You know, you have a handful of very strong technical, they’re technology companies, basically they’re software companies now that drive the security market. Now there’s hardware obviously, you’ve got, you know, your devices. Anything from, you know, in Houston we had the flood here not too long ago and for instance, we can put devices on your, you know we can monitor for floods.

Matt Register: Wow.

Nick Ewing: Yeah. We can put devices on your floor and monitor for wet areas. We can monitor temperature, you know if you have a freezer. Or, you know, a room store or a storage facility that you want to keep at a certain level, the temperature, we can send alarms if it goes outside of a range that you set.

Matt Register: Interesting.

Nick Ewing: So, yeah.

Matt Register: All kinds of bells and whistles you can attach to these things.

Nick Ewing: There is.

Matt Register: Now Billy, having spent a career in, in law enforcement… Should an incident happen. Should your company get broken into. Should, you are somewhat competing for time and attention of law enforcement and the DA’s. The better evidence you have collected, the more likely something is going to be done about it. Is that accurate?

Billy Tipps: That’s accurate. In my career I’ve been in and got videos from different businesses. And yes they have video but…

Matt Register: Barely, right?

Billy Tipps: We can’t do anything with it. So it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s important to get the right equipment.

Matt Register: So if you have, you know the difference in having, you know, grainy, you know, 20 year old security camera type video or having, you know high definition, you know, license plate, you know, reading. You know they’re kind of making your life a whole lot easier as a law enforcement officer. Is that accurate?

Billy Tipps: Oh, absolutely. Yes.

Matt Register: So, interesting stuff. Now what is, what markets are you going after besides education?

Nick Ewing: We go after industrial. We’ll do anything from a chemical plant to a warehouse over on the beltway in North Houston. Our main focus, here lately, has been a lot of the K-12 schools. You know, we offer the total package. You know, like, like we’ve talked about we’re, we’re a technology company that not only can do your security but we also do the fire, the local sound systems and the total low voltage package. Now, let’s back up to the camera technology and the quality of camera technology. Now everybody knows by now, what megapixels are.

Matt Register: Sure.

Nick Ewing: So megapixels on cameras, what that allows you to do is digitally enhanced the picture. So, you can, you can look at a wider area, a larger area, if you have a higher megapixel camera. Because what it allows you to do, is digitally enhanced that image, blow it up.

Matt Register: Sure.

Nick Ewing: And real time or even the recorded video, to where you can look at certain objects. And you know the prices really come down on this megapixel technology, you know.

Matt Register: Well and it certainly ups your requirement for data transfer, data storage and everything else. I mean it is just a lot more data in that image besides, you know, just a small, little, little, little grainy image. Right?

Nick Ewing: Yes sir. Yes sir.

Matt Register: Interesting. What is the easiest way for somebody to get in touch with you guys to learn more, should they want to?

Nick Ewing: You can reach us at… You can call, of course.

Matt Register: Yeah.

Nick Ewing: 832-741-5451. You can also get to our Web site, Houston, Again that’s And there’s a link there, contact us and, and you can put an inquiry in there and we will respond and…

Matt Register: Good. Well hey, I appreciate you guys coming on. We have Nick Ewing, President and Billy Tipps, Sales Manager with Securecomm Technologies. Thank you gentlemen for joining us.

Billy Tipps: Thank you.

Nick Ewing: Thank you. Yeah, we appreciate it.

Matt Register: We’re going to have that link right there from as well, if you’re driving and can’t take notes. In the meantime, get your calls in 844-814-8144 is our 24 hour call in line. That means call in now, call in later, call in at 3 o’clock in the morning. I don’t really care. We’re going to get the experts on here to get those questions answered. We’re talking security today on Texas Business Radio. See the entire thing in beautiful, high definition video there at We do have to go pay a couple of bills ourselves. We’ll be back right after this break. Don’t go anywhere.

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