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Let’s say, you’re about to make a critical decision. You have input from your management team, your friends and your family. But THIS decision is critical. Are you getting unbiased advice from folks who have wrestled with this same decision before? Do you have a team of caring, seasoned CEOs — waiting to help you make the right decision? If not you need to consider a Peer Advisory Group.

How about a professionally trained executive coach holding you accountable for the decisions you make? Do you have World Class experts providing monthly workshops designed to keep you current on trends and technologies? That’s the value of a Peer Advisory Group.

I facilitate three Vistage groups in Houston AND there are other group-leaders in Houston AND across the state. If you’d like to learn more about the value of a Peer Advisory Group, send me an In-mail on LinkedIn using Jay W Curry, OR go to Texas AND click the Vistage Banner. On average Vistage Peer Advisory group- companies GROW – FIVE TIMES faster that their counterparts. Stop making poorly … thought-out decisions. Join a Peer Advisory Group.

IT IS a TBR Best Practice.

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About the Author
Jay W. Curry

Jay W. Curry

Along with hosting “Texas Business Radio”, Jay is a Professional Certified Coach and Master Chair facilitating four Houston-based Vistage peer groups. In addition to being a best selling non-fiction author, the 2015 release of his award winning novel, Nixon and Dovey: the Legend Returns, adds novelist to his title. Jay holds a BS in Mathematics from Oklahoma State and an MS in Computer Science from Kansas State. You can learn more about Jay HERE.

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