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We had a great time with Richard Hambrick, Vice President of Solo Protect, talking about their solution for personal security for employees.

Please pardon any typos, below is a hasty transcript.

Matt Register: Hey guys, welcome back to the show. Texas Business Radio. We’re going to continue to bring you innovative products, innovative entrepreneurs, innovative companies around the state of Texas and right now is absolutely no different. I’m your host Matt register. Jay Curry had to step out for a minute. No he’s here.

Jay Curry: I stepped out last segment.

Matt Register: Jay Curry, what’s going on. Sir, Talk to me.

Jay Curry: I just love it when you find someone who has found a niche, you know, a hole, something that needs to be filled, fills it and it serves so many people. Rich has got a great story about really helping people. Besides, it’s a great story.

Matt Register: Well, no kidding. And it’s one that, you know, me and my wife own a real estate brokerage. It’s something where we have a lot of, you know, agents that are meeting people, strangers, out in a private setting, routinely. Which is inherently has some unsafe aspects to it. Right? This is certainly something that… you may have gained a customer here, as a matter of fact. Guys go ahead and get your calls in 844-814-8144 is our 24 hour call in line. Call in now, call in later. We’re going to get the experts in here to get those things answered. You can also go to and contact us a number of ways including, through Twitter. We monitor #TBR on Twitter. So, we’re going to go ahead and jump right into it. Richard Hambrick, vice president, Solo Protect. Richard welcome to the show sir.

Richard Hambrick: Thanks. Thank you.

Matt Register: Solo Protect, talk to me what do you do? Who do you do it too?

Richard Hambrick: We simply protect people who work alone. So think about it this way, various work groups are out there in the world working by themselves. If they were to get hurt. If they had an accident, injury. If they were attacked, who in the company would know that they were in trouble? And how would you know what kind of trouble they are in? Do they need an ambulance? Do they need the police and where are they located? And so what we simply do is provide the technology tools. So that those people who work alone can get assistance. Whether that’s in a conflict situation and you need the authorities. Or whatever it… whether it’s a medical situation and you need an ambulance.

Matt Register: OK. So. To help me understand this. I have… you know, we talked very, very briefly during the break. Right before we came on.

Richard Hambrick: Right.

Matt Register: But talk to me about this device. So it will actually call the police for you?

Richard Hambrick: Yeah, it’s a… it’s a mobile I.D. design. It’s a patented I.D.

Jay Curry: So, it’s like a normal badge?

Richard Hambrick: Absolutely. That’s right. That’s right. So, you think about a home care industry, home health care. You think about social services, probation officers. We wear I.D. Real estate we wear I.D. You simply, Matt, are going to put your I.D. right in here. You’re going to wear this as a lanyard. You’re going to wear it on your belt. However, you wouldn’t normally wear that I.D. and you just go about your day. If you get into a situation where you think you could possibly be at risk. You’re going to simply press a button on the back that is going to activate. Let us know where you’re located through technology. And then is going to allow our emergency dispatch operators to start dynamically listening to that conversation.

Jay Curry: So figure out what’s needed.

Richard Hambrick: That’s right. That’s right. So let’s take real estate. Right? You go into that situation and you’re just uncomfortable. Somebody showed up you weren’t expecting. You activate that button. Now it turns out it’s OK, it’s no problem. Guess what, we’re going to hear that it was a no conflict conversation. You can deactivate the device. No problem. But if you need assistance, we’re going to hear those things, we’re going to hear you say “You’re making me uncomfortable. Don’t shut that door. Why did you pull that knife out?”. Now, we’re dispatching the authorities to your exact location to take care of you.

Matt Register: That is absolutely brilliant. I’m telling you. And you know my biggest fear when… when… when my wife decided that she was going to get into the real estate industry. Is hey, you don’t come home from work one day. Where do I even start looking? Right? You’re all over the place, you’re meeting strangers, you’re doing things that I knew as a former military officer. Everybody doesn’t have a kind of situational awareness that is required sometimes.

Richard Hambrick: Sure.

Matt Register: And yeah it’s not only with real estate agents but you’re right it’s with anybody that meets. Think about all the companies that go and meet people in their homes. Right?

Richard Hambrick: That is home health care.

Matt Register: Absolutely. So what kind of growth are you looking at? Because this is this is a relatively new product, I’m guessing. Right?

Richard Hambrick: New in the U.S. There’s over 150000 of these that have been distributed worldwide. Started in the U.K. It actually… this technology kind of came from a death of a real estate agent, who was 25 years old. When we talk about real estate and that being a good market. That’s… that’s really what triggered our existence as an organization. But we are fairly new in the U.S. We had over 500 percent growth last year. We anticipate that same type of growth as we make more and more and greater awareness of the risk of lone workers. Most people don’t know that fifty five hundred times every single day in the U.S. There are workplace violence attacks. Fifty five hundred times every single day, two million times a year. And people don’t know about that. We don’t think about that. We don’t think about that 12 people die every single day in the workplace. And so we just need to create that awareness. So that we can make people aware, not only the fact that people are at risk but there’s tools out there that can help assist.

Matt Register: No doubt. Talk to me about price point because I mean this is… you know every business owner is trying to make sure that he can economically do the best he can for his employees.

Richard Hambrick: Absolutely.

Matt Register: Right? Talk to me a little bit about some of the cost. Is this a per employee kind of a situation or is this a setup for a company and then per employee how does that… how does that work?

Richard Hambrick: Great question. It is a by employee because what we want this to be is your device. So that we know when you need assistance and we’re calling the authorities medical or police. We’re coming for Matt and that’s who we’re coming to. So, simply it’s a dollar a day per device. If you think about it that way. And so from a cost standpoint, it’s minimal. From ROI standpoint, in many cases you think about how many times that a… If you’re the utility industry and you’re, you’re going to go shut off electricity. And you’re going to that bad area. You’re going to take two guys, right and you think about what it cost a company to have two trucks to go and do a one person job. You’re going to pay for this device at a dollar a day. You’re going to pay for the device. Several devices by eliminating that net need for double…

Jay Curry: Easily.

Richard Hambrick: Absolutely.

Jay Curry: The thing I love about this. So flexible. You know it can fit all kinds of industries.

Richard Hambrick: Sure. And you know if you use an I.D.

Jay Curry: It’s a great product.

Richard Hambrick: That’s right. And we’re developing technology, that we’re about to have in a couple of months, that’s going to be a wearable technology. So we’re addressing today the I.D., you know if you wear an identification right. And so we’re now developing technology that’s going to allow us to be in a wearable form. So now you think about industries where you don’t wear an ID all the time. Now we can meet that need. The real retail industry, you know.

Richard Hambrick: No, absolutely. Understand, is brilliant. But this is something that has come about with the advent of certain technologies. And think about some of the technologies that are in here. I’m taking a wild guess here but you have a GPS technology, cell technology. That’s a whole lot of things work and in conjunction there that ten years ago this wasn’t really an option. Right?

Richard Hambrick: That’s correct. And that technology just continues to grow. The ability to do mapping. Now so that a company can now look and know where their employees are. So if you need to reroute your staffs. Not only is this a safety tool but now it becomes an efficiency management tool because I can look and see where my staff… One of them needs to leave early. We can re-position our resources more effective.

Matt Register: Nope, makes all the sense in the world.

Jay Curry: Future applications.

Matt Register: Richard Hambrick is the vice president of Solo Protect. Solo Protect. Anybody wants to learn more about that. What’s the easiest way to do that?

Richard Hambrick: Easiest way is to reach out to our Web site You can email me, myself directly as well and we’ll be more than happy to take care of you.

Matt Register: Wonderful. Richard thank you very much for joining us.

Richard Hambrick: Matt Thank you. Jay thanks.

Matt Register: OK. is the Web site. Guys, If you’re not in a place you can take notes, you want to go see it. We’re going have links to everybody we’re talking to today right there at Go right there. See the links, see more about Solo Protect. This is fascinating stuff. I’m certainly going to look into for a lot of my agents. It solves a lot of problems. Right?

Jay Curry: Sure does.

Matt Register: All right guys, we’ve got to take a break. We’ll be back right after this. Don’t go anywhere.

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