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Samir Becic, CEO and Founder of Health Fitness Revolution, talks healthy living and healthy lifestyle.

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Matt Register: Welcome back to the show, Texas Business Radio, is the website where you can see the entire broadcast in beautiful high definition video. I’m your host Matt Register. Jay Curry is the one sitting over there in the cohost chair. We are to the point in our show, we’re going to bring you a segment called profiles in leadership, it’s a regular segment we do. These are guys who are running the company. They’ve had some kind of national recognition as having done an outstanding job.
Health Fitness Revolution, is the website. Samir Becic is the CEO. We’re going to talk about health and fitness and general wellness. We’ve been talking extensively over the last several weeks about healthcare and the rising cost of healthcare. The one thing you can do to lower your healthcare bill is this. So we’re going to get into this here in just a second. What do you think Jay?

Jay Curry: Gotta say that, as a coach, I preach a lot about what goes on in your business screws up your life, and what goes on in your life screws up your business. This is an area that crosses over both. You follow this program, your life will get better, but so will your business. I mean, it’s really powerful.

Matt Register: Yeah, no doubt about that. Samir Becic, Health Fitness Revolution. Samir, welcome to the show.

Samir Becic: Thank you, Matt, thank you Jay, and thank you. Texas Business Radio for this opportunity to introduce myself. I hope guys, you will understanbd my strong Texas accent. Therefore, let’s rock.

Matt Register: Yeah, no doubt about that. Health Fitness Revolution is a website. It’s an online magazine. Tell me a little bit about Health Fitness Revolution.

Samir Becic: Health Fitness Revolution started officially in 2014, unofficially in 2013, and we already have eight million unique people coming to our website. It’s right now, in 2016 and 2017, the fastest growing health and fitness magazine in the United States, and we hope very soon in the world. Therefore, it’s based in Houston, based in Texas, was created in Texas. So it’s a Texas baby.

Matt Register: So tell me about the content that you have in here, because you’re talking about overall health and fitness. No matter your fitness level, no matter anything, you’re talking about maximizing your potential, when it comes to fitness, because it starts with fitness and it leads to everything else, right?

Samir Becic: Healthy Revolution Magazine is the first magazine in the world who starts ranking fittest presidents in the world. The first magazine in the world who starts ranking fittest politicians, fittest churches, and fittest pastors in America. We wanted to bring health or fitness in politics, media, business, and even religion. As a health and fitness expert for Lakewood Church, or journalist in Lakewood Church, I built the program there. I thought that would be interesting part, to bring fitness into spiritual factor and sector, sorry.
So from that perspective, I thought how to create a magazine that America has not seen before, and that’s Health Revolution. Our number one motto is let’s create and make American one of the fittest nations in the world. Like we lead the world in notary, finances, democracy, religious freedom-

Matt Register: Technology.

Samir Becic: You name it, we’ll eat it. We should also lead in health and fitness, and that’s our ultimate, number one goal.

Matt Register: As a CEO of a company, and I look at trying to maximize the power of the team that I’ve hired, right? How much does health and fitness play into maximizing your team and maximizing the ability of your team to think through real world problems?

Samir Becic: I worked with many Fortune 500 companies, and I will tell you that every penny you spend in health and fitness will come triple back to you. That means every corporation-

Matt Register: Will come triple back to you?

Samir Becic: Triple back to you. Every corporation, small, medium, and large, should implement as much money in health and fitness factor among the employees, because not only you’re going to have less sick days, but you’re going to have more productivity, that people will have more energy, they’ll be more eager to succeed, and competition is bigger. So when you put all those components together, for every dollar, you get three.
So if the company wants to save money, they want to increase the net profit, health and fitness is one of the most basic ways, most simplistic way how to do that.

Matt Register: Okay, but how does a company actually implement a health and fitness policy? Do they actually mandate that their employees go to the gym daily? Mechanically, how does that work?

Samir Becic: Very simple. They bring fitness experts. For example, I go to a corporation. First, very often, we start with a speech. Let’s say 45 minutes to 60 minutes, small motivational speech to all employees, employees, media management, and upper management, and then they start implementing seminars. That’s usually over weekend, Saturday and Sunday, or Friday and Saturday, for about three hours. We motivate people first to be healthy and fit, then company offers them memberships, free memberships to gyms, or they have a trainer on the staff. And, step by step, when other employees see how other employees becoming fit and healthy and they’re feeling better, that’s a motivation that actually goes in a circle. And it’s like a positive circle that always spins faster, faster, faster, and sooner or later you have 70 to 80% employees who actually work out, exercise, and feel better.

Matt Register: So what ends up happening, ignoring the sick days that are missing and things like that, what are some of the things that happened in, because we were talking during the break about you hire a very smart guy for a whole lot of money. Right? And if he’s not living healthy, he’s not maximizing the potential of that IQ. He’s not maximizing the potential of that brainpower. Right?
Talk to me, what happens in a company when 80% of their company has increased their health and their health awareness and they’re working out. What ends up happening to that company?

Samir Becic: First of all, and we talked about IQ, let’s say you have a person who has average IQ of 125, and you have other personal has an IQ of 100. The person with an IQ of 100 works out, he or she will use 95 to almost 98% of that 100 IQ. If the person with 125% IQ doesn’t work out, he may only use, or she may only use 70% of that. So, at the end, a smarter person is less productive than a less smart person who is working.
Now imagine if somebody with an IQ of 125 starts working out. Imagine the ideas, the vision, the creativity that comes to company. Usually only have one or two or three people who bring the company forward. You have a genius who is working out. Think about it. You have a combination between Albert Einstein in Michael Phelps? I’m not saying that every employee in every corporation will be combination of Albert Einstein and Michael Phelps, but I believe they will be the best of what God intended it to be in the first place.

Matt Register: Well, that’s right. And, and this is about maximizing the potential of the brain power that you have within your company. Interesting stuff.
Talk to me a little bit about some of the content that you have on the website, because the magazine, you go there, there’s a wealth of articles on there that cover a whole range of stuff. Talk to me a little bit about that.

Samir Becic: Over 25 hundred articles, regular fitness, nutrition, wellness, medical world, science, research, brain. We’re focused very much on brain, but we’re the first health and fitness magazine in America who has a section for politics, economy, seniors, and seniors from the perspective of living, not how healthy you are, but do you have enough friends? Pretty much interaction.
So the magazine is created to approach 90 to 95% of Americans. And every person who goes to magazine, will find one, two, or three articles they’ll love.

Matt Register: No. Interesting stuff. is the website. We’re going to have it linked right there from
Talk to me a little bit about the book, because you have a book out that people need to read.

Samir Becic: Resync Your Life. Resync Your life book is available almost everywhere in the world, pretty much. Amazon here in America, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, to Costco, but worldwide, on Amazon and many other links. So Resync Your Life was, three weeks after it was published, the best selling book on Amazon in Kindle edition, and right now is my second promotion to make the book again, number one. They say everybody can be a champion once. Very many few people can be champions twice.

Matt Register: Sure.

Samir Becic: Only the best of the best can be champions three times, so for that perspective, I recommend Resync Your Life book to every American, especially for those who never worked out, because it approaches 80% Americans who never worked out, and 20% American who work out will have a very, very hard time finishing the workouts. Hard to believe that you can combine simplicity and complexity in the same.

Matt Register: Well, no. Interesting stuff, and it’s something that we will have their on our central reading list there at as well. Resync Your Life, available at Amazon, wherever books are sold.
Interesting stuff. Samir Becic is the CEO of Jay, interesting that, as much as we talk about lowering healthcare costs, that there may be a non-insurance solution to being able to do that.

Jay Curry: And one that everybody can do, and one that can be cheap to implement, and have a huge impact, particularly on your brain big time.

Matt Register: No doubt about that.

Samir Becic: And just to say something, that Health Revolution is the magazine who is not against farmer, who is not against medical world. We work together. Our idea is let’s implement healthy lifestyle and let’s use the best of pharmacuetical abilities and medical abilities that we have there. Let’s combine both, in order to accomplish the best results.

Matt Register: We’re out of time. We’ll be back right on the other side of the break with a whole lot more Texas Business Radio. is the website. is the website here. We’ll be back right after this. Don’t go anywhere.

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