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We had a chance to sit down with social selling guru and long-time friend of the show, Colleen McKenna, Co-founder of Vengreso, to talk about how to put your best foot forward online and how to turn that into sales.

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Matt Register: Hey, guys! Welcome back to Texas Business Radio, is the web site. Social media. There are ways to sell, and there are new ways to sell. And sometimes… the world is changing, and the old ways of selling aren’t necessarily working the way they used to. Maybe it’s time to take a look at potentially new ways of selling. And we have our favorite social selling expert here in the studio all the way from Baltimore, Maryland and we’re going to get to her in just a second. I’m your host, Matt Register. Jay Curry here to step out. In the co-host chair is my business partner, George Walden. George, talk to me, sir.

George Walden: Well I’ve had the privilege of spending the last three hours with this amazing lady and learning about the power of LinkedIn and how you can utilize it in the marketing process. I am dumbfounded. It’s a game changing utilization and you need to listen to what this lady has to say.

Matt Register: Yeah no doubt about that. Colleen McKenna is a social selling guru and a longtime friend of the show and a Principal in the brand new, Vengreso is the company. Colleen McKenna, welcome to the show.

Colleen McKenna: It’s great to be here. We’ve spent a lot of time together today and I’m so glad to be here to share this with everybody in your audience.

Matt Register: No doubt. Now talk to me a little bit about why you guys started this company. What were you seeing in the marketplace that drove the decision to open up a company and impart some of this knowledge on your clients.

Colleen McKenna: Well several of us have been doing this for a while, I had Intero Advisory for a little over six years. There’s so much opportunity. We talk and work with companies all over the country from enterprise down to solo-preneurs, sales teams.

Matt Register: Solo-preneurs. That’s a new word. I like that a lot by the way. Go ahead. I’m sorry to interrupt.

Colleen McKenna: …And there’s so much opportunity to help people transition to this digital world in terms of sales and recruiting and marketing and so about seven of us have gotten together from across the country and I would say seven of the leading, the world’s leading, digital sales trainers and recruiters, and we have a recruiting business. So we got together so that we could help scale and grow and provide more services to our clients and prospects.

Matt Register: So what you’re teaching these guys to do, you’re teaching sales force, you’re teaching c-suite guys how to not only increase their footprint online but how to leverage the databases available. You know we were talking about before the show about you know LinkedIn has something has never before existed in the world, they have a self-correcting business database and teaching your sales force how to leverage that database changes everything.

Colleen McKenna: Right. And we really focus first on building personal brands. So every person whether it’s the CEO of Fortune 50 company or once again that solo-preneur or a salesperson, new or experienced, has to build a personal brand. Because people are being vetted online all the time. So we do a lot of profile development so that people look good when people check them out online.

Matt Register: You have a personal brand whether you want one or not.

Colleen McKenna: Whether you want one or not. You might as well control the narrative, right? Control your own narrative.

Matt Register: No, that’s exactly it. Now once you have that, now you learn how to utilize that database to go reach out to appropriate people in the appropriate way, look good while doing it, right? And when they come check you out you look appropriate for what you’re trying to do. What are some of the impact of this that you have seen on some of your client companies? Because of the impact this is quite remarkable.

Colleen McKenna: Quite remarkable. We have one client in the space who actually from identifying the CEO centers of influence. So 10 people we identified and in the CEO’s network that turned into really intentional networking with those 10 people and those 10 meetings turned into 45 meetings which turned into 34 proposals which ended up closing three hundred ninety one thousand dollars worth of new business for them. And one of those clients the following year was close to a million dollars worth of revenue.

Matt Register: That sounds like time well spent.

Colleen McKenna: Right. You know, independent sales trainers who just by doing a certain amount of activity on LinkedIn every day engaging with their network, nurturing those first level connections, in two weeks they had a $16k training order. Another client a $40k order. We’ve got to really make our profiles look good. That’s our personal brand. And then we’ve got to build a really strategic network of people that we can go to and that we can help and create this community of people online through LinkedIn referrals.

Matt Register: Now you’re in Baltimore.

Colleen McKenna: Yes.

Matt Register: And that’s not anywhere close to any of the major centers in Texas. However, you guys like to travel.

Colleen McKenna: I like to travel it’s not far from Baltimore to Houston.

Matt Register: Well so how does this actually work. Do you come in come into town and sit down and specifically for a company? Or do you come into town and sell tickets to a bunch of different companies how does this actually work?

Colleen McKenna: So we work lots of different ways. Actually one of the first offerings we’re going to roll out in the next couple of weeks is a boot camp. So it’s going to be a four week online course and it’s going to cover these four major components of leveraging LinkedIn and we are going to be using that as a core offering. So, if somebody watches this in six months they can still go to sign up for camp. So that’s one way. That’s virtual learning. Lots of resources. We fly all over the country. We go into companies we train. We help them with their strategy. We also work, you know, one on one coaching and we do a lot of profile development. So, we can be in your office or we can be brought in through go-to-meeting and zoom and all of those platforms, Skype, and train your people while you’re sitting in the comfort of your own conference room.

Matt Register: Well I’ll tell you what guys, I am a pretty cynical guy, and there’s not a whole lot that impresses me. We go to a lot of presentations. We see a lot of speeches by some very bright people. But I tell you what, when was it about a year, year and a half ago, I guess, was the first time I heard of you.

Colleen McKenna: February.

Matt Register: There you go. February was the was the first time that we actually sat down and I got to be honest with you, there has been very little else that has impacted how we operate in my business like this. So this is something that, you know, I think is is quite remarkable and I highly recommend you guys figure out how to get this right because if you get it right, you win. Get it right to win. The beauty of the internet, the beauty of stuff that’s online is it is a completely level playing field and there’s very little else in the world that is that that is that level, right?

Colleen McKenna: And actually for small to midsize businesses linkedIn is fabulous, right? It really does level the playing field. The bigger the company the harder LinkedIn is to manage. Nobody owns those profiles.

Matt Register: And you can control how you look online. You know, my wife’s business is a real estate brokerage, and I will never forget how many times that we have been approached and they thought this was a national level company that we were a franchise of and that didn’t realize that they’re looking at it. That was this was it. So you have the opportunity to build a footprint that makes you appear you know much larger than perhaps you actually are.

Colleen McKenna: Absolutely.

Matt Register: Well good. Well look, the web site, why don’t you give your new web site because this is new from a from your Intero Advisory days.

Colleen McKenna:

Matt Register: I got to ask what does that mean?

Colleen McKenna: In Spanish. It relates to Ventas which is sales engresio, I don’t speak Spanish you can tell, revenue, so sales revenue. Our whole goal is to help companies realize greater sales revenue through digital sales.

Matt Register: I like it, guys. Just like every guest we have on here we’re going to have it linked directly there from In the meantime there’s three ways to call into the show. You can go online to or send us a note from there, you can go on Twitter hashtag #TBR, or you can call in to our 24 hour call in line 844.814.8144 for our 24 hour call-in line. We’re going to get the experts in here to answer. Just like Colleen McKenna. Vengreso is social selling, how to get your name out there and how to increase your revenues using social media. Colleen thank you very much for joining us.

Colleen McKenna: Thanks as always. Can’t wait to come back.

Matt Register: As always, enjoyed it. Guys we got to go to break because we’re going to be back right after this.

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