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So what is cloud anyways? Well, the good news is at the end of day, it’s just a really creative buzz word. That describes the ability to provide really efficient, scaleable and lower cost computing power to businesses and consumers.

So, you’ve heard terms like SaS probably or hybrid cloud, public cloud, private clouds. There’s all different types of flavors. But at the end of the day, it’s the ability to kind of create a scaleable, more efficient way to access computing power.

Historically the way which we’ve always managed this is you license software, you buy servers, you manage it internally, we call that on premises and we’ve been doing this for 20-30 years now. If you think back to the industrial revolution and you had these large industrial complexes, manufacturing organizations that needed large amounts of power. They would have to build their own power plants, which was extremely expensive as you might imagine and inefficient. And 30 years later came the creation of the grid. At which point these power plants could just plug in or I’m sorry these manufacturers could just plug in to the grid.

Think of technology today, very similar. This is where we’ve come from, an on premise world of managing it ourselves to a Cloud world, where we simply can plug in and pay our monthly subscription. You know one of the concerns that businesses and consumers have had over the years is security and managing their information or storing their information or their consumer, customer data in the cloud. And what, as people generally recognize today is that the safest place is to let the professionals do it.

These massive data centers, where data is stored and managed are extremely complex and provide a tremendous amount of security, efficiency and storage to scale with your business as you go. So yes, some the largest organizations in the world, that are managing very important workloads and applications, like their ERP systems and financial data. So, the security concern has generally been accepted to kind of move away, that it’s more, it’s more secure in the cloud than trying to manage this on your own.

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Matt Woodward

Matt Woodward

Matt Woodward is the Vice President of Cloud Sales at Rand Group, with over 20 years of experience helping small and mid-market businesses launch, transform, and scale their operations through cloud technology. His inspiring background combines over 14 years in leadership at Microsoft Corporation and 6 years in small business development and advisory as President of Piney River Ventures. A strategic leader and intuitive sales consultant, Matthew has a wealth of experience in cloud business model design and development for SaaS and IT Services, go-to-market strategy and execution, as well as financial forecasting on cloud subscription revenues. You can learn more about Matt HERE.

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