George WaldenContributor
Investment Banking

George Walden is a Securities Licensed Investment Banker facilitating the buying and selling of companies. He is a principal in CFA’s Houston office with over thirty years’ experience. Reared in the family manufacturing business, he has worked extensively with privately-owned companies throughout his career. In fact, George has analyzed and valued hundreds of businesses for presentation to private equity groups, strategic industry buyers, and individual investors.

His transactions include:

– Oilfield OEM businesses
– Valve and actuator companies
– Pump and compressor manufacturing and service companies
– Instrumentation and controls
– Metal fabrication and machining
– Pipeline integrity and maintenance
– Industrial services
– Plastic blending, extrusion, molding, and machining
– Patented industrial technology

George is a member of CFA’s, “Industrials (Metal Machining and Fabrication) Practice Group” and is an expert in the precision machining industry with special emphasis on Manual, CNC precision machining, and gun drilling services.  He is known for several industry leading transactions.

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