Thank you for your interest in being showcased on Texas Business Radio. We are looking forward to hearing more about your organization.

Please be aware that not every organization meets our general guidelines for coming on the program. Although there are exceptions, we are looking for companies, organizations, and individuals who are either:

  • Business Leaders: Seasoned leaders in an organization with an interesting story to tell. Although there are exceptions, we are looking for companies with revenues in excess of five million or at least twenty employees. We like growth, unique products, overcoming adversity, creative approaches and proven solutions, etc.,
  • Service Providers: Proven and successful providers of quality and meaningful services to companies with revenue in excess of five million dollars or companies with twenty or more employees. Your company need not be from Texas but it needs to be serving Texas companies, or
  • Charities: We believe supporting charity is a Best Business Practice and we believe in practicing what we preach. For this reason, Texas Business Radio is committed to provide one free, on-air segment per month for a charity. Generally, we focus on organizations that help children, battered women, and returning soldiers.

We have a three-step process for our guests: 1) Pre-Interview, 2) Interview, and 3) Post-Interview.

1. Pre-Interview

1. The first step is the pre-interview questionnaire. This will give us a little information to prepare for our interview. It will also give our production crew the correct name spelling, company name, etc. Please take a moment and fill out the survey.

2. One of our staff members will reach out to you and confirm the interview time and date. We shoot interviews a couple of days a week and are fairly flexible as to when we can conduct the interview.

3. Do you have questions? I am sure you do. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions for you to view from the button below. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to your show point of contact or send us a note HERE.

2. Interview

1. If you are coming into the RREA Media Studios (1614 Louetta Rd Ste I Spring, TX 77388), we are located at the corner of I45 and Louetta Rd. in Spring. You can find easy driving directions via the button below. Please keep in mind, the RREA Media Studios are located inside Register Real Estate Advisors. Please look for the signs for the real estate brokerage (for an answer to the obvious question of “why in the hell are we meeting in a real estate brokerage,” please see the FAQs button above.)

Please click the images below for a full sized image.

Simple map to our location.

Strip center to look for.

Store front to look for.

If you are Skyping into the studio, please send us a contact request from your Skype account to ours at least 24 hours in advance of the interview. Our Skype screen name is “rreadotcom”. Once we are connected, we will initiate the Skype call at the appointed time.

If you are calling into the studio via telephone, please ensure we have the direct number for the person being interviewed at least 24 hours in advance. We will initiate the phone call from the studio at the appointed time.

2. The interview process is simple and very causal. Each guest is scheduled for one hour at the RREA Media studio. The first thirty to forty minutes is spent meeting with hosts Matt Register and Jay Curry just talking about the guest’s story, their company’s history, expertise, products, customers, etc. Once the guest and hosts feel comfortable and the guest understands the process, they move into the studio where the guest is interviewed by Matt and Jay. The interview itself only lasts about ten minutes. After the interview is recorded ten minutes is allocated to discuss how the program went.

We are often asked if the interview can be redone. Although the answer is obviously ‘Yes’, the truth of the matter is we want the interview to be natural and spontaneous. We are not after perfection. We want the audience to feel like they are setting in the studio with us and we’re having a casual, friendly discussion. What the guest might consider a minor glitch, we actually see as normal and common, like any other conversation. For this reason, we have never had to reshoot an interview.

You can find some tips on what to wear and how to dress via the button below.

3. Post Interview

1. Once the interview is over, RREA Media will produce the video of the segment no later than the broadcast of that segment. Please keep in mind that the broadcast schedule is somewhat fluid and subject to change. We strive to have the videos completed in a timely fashion, the segments set to broadcast sooner have priority.

2. Once the segments are complete and ready to broadcast, RREA Media compiles the segment interviews, commercials, and other audio elements into the hour long broadcast for each market. We will do our best to keep you informed as to when the segment will broadcast. Please also keep in mind that our air times and stations are subject to change. We are a growing show and are constantly striving for a larger and larger audience.

3. We continuously strive for improvement. One of the best tools for this is your feedback. Once the interview is complete, we will send you a link for a short survey. Please take a moment and complete the short post-interview survey and give us some feedback on how we did. We appreciate your feedback and your time to give us that feedback.

4. If you would like to use the video of your segment for your own purposes, we ask that you purchase a license to use the video. The license cost of $500 covers some of our production costs. If you would like to purchase a license for your segment, we will send you the link to do this. You can also pay via check (made out to “RREA Media” or “Texas Business Radio”).

5. In conjunction with the broadcast, we will do everything we can to distribute your segment online. The video will be displayed on the front page of Texas Business Radio from the morning of the broadcast until the morning of the next broadcast. It will be available in the Texas Business Radio video archives, podcast archives, and iTunes podcast as well. We will push out links to the content several times on several Twitter accounts as well as publish the content on Facebook and various other online locations.

We will also send you some techniques we have found effective for distributing your segment video yourself after your segment.



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