Why in the hell are we meeting in a real estate brokerage?

Register Real Estate Advisors is the “RREA” in RREA Media. Our studios are co-located with the real estate brokerage because the media company started out as a division of the real estate company.

The media company’s accidental birth came out of other companies seeing RREA’s video production work for real estate and asking for work for them. Texas Business Radio is owned by RREA Media.

Can you give me some background information about the show itself?

The show is a weekly, one-hour radio program designed to attract Texas business leaders. Each weekly program has a theme. For example, our first show’s theme was “Navigating Troubled Waters – the Oil Economic”. Each hourly program is broken into several segments but there are always four major 8 to 10-minute segments. These four major segments are where our invited guests are interviewed. So the program revolves around having four TBR trusted advisors or business leaders per program each filling one segment around eight minutes long.

Is the program live?

Each segment is video recorded separately and later put together to form the whole show. There are no time constraints on when the interviews need to be recorded. They do, however, need to be completed at least a week in advance of the program going on-air. This gives our production team time to edit the interview video and construct the one-hour program. It is perfectly fine to record your session as far in advance as you need. In this manner, special guests who are coming to Houston for other reasons can record their appearance in a timeline that fits their own travel plans.

There will be times when the show is live. These usually will be during a remote broadcast on location at an event or another special occasion.

You mention an interview video. This is radio, right?

Yes, it is radio (see the front page of this website for stations and air times.) But the TBR value proposition is far more than just the one-time radio exposure.   In addition to the audio recording, TBR uses six high definition cameras scattered around the studio to record every interview. This allows our production staff to cut and assemble a high quality, professionally edited video of the guest being interviewed on one of Houston’s top talk-radio channels. TBR and our sponsors will use the video to send out through our channels (newsletters, emails, and websites). Likewise, each guest has the option to buy the video IP rights to their interview segment for their own use.

Is there is a cost to appear on the program?

There is no charge for appearing on the program. If the guest wants to use the video for their own purposes (embed it on their website, post it on social media, send it our via mass email, etc.) , there is a $500 licensing fee to do so. This simply defrays some of our production costs associated with producing the video.

Does using video cameras mean the interview has to be in the studio?

There are three options for recording the interview. The best option is to have the guest come to our studio in north Houston. A second approach, which is good but not optimal, is for the guest to “Skype” into the studio. In this mode we can split the video screen to show both the distant guest and the in-studio host. The third and final approach is for the guest to call into the studio and we place a picture of the guest on their side of the split screen. We make every effort not to use the ‘audio only’ approach.

Where is the studio?

Texas Business Radio uses RREA Media’s studio located at 1614 Louetta Road, Houston, Texas. That is only a couple hundred yards west of the north I45 feeder road on Louetta. When you head west on Louetta you will see a Specs Liquor store sign. The signage is “Register Real Estate Advisors”. CLICK HERE for driving directions.

How can I schedule my interview time?

TBR rents the RREA Media studio about eight days a month. The scheduled dates for these “Shoot Days” is always set at least three months in advance. If your shoot date has not been scheduled call or email host Jay Curry who maintains the TBR calendar. He can be reached at (713) 299-3736.

If I screw up can the interview be redone?

We are often asked if the interview can be redone. Although the answer is obviously ‘Yes’, the truth of the matter is we want the interview to be natural and spontaneous. We are not after perfection. We want the audience to feel they are setting in the studio with us and we’re having a casual, friendly conversation. What the guest might consider a minor glitch, we actually see as normal and desirable, like any other conversation. For this reason, we have never had to reshoot an interview.

The digital video is usually finished within a week to ten days after the studio interview.

Do you guys have any other shows?

In addition to Texas Business Radio, RREA Media produces Houston Real Estate Radio with Shannon Register as well. In addition, RREA Media assists with several other shows in and around the various Texas markets with sales, production, web development, etc.

Still have questions? Send us a note below or call Jay Curry at (713) 299-3736.

Thank you for being a contributor to Texas Business Radio.

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