When you are  invited to do an interview with Texas Business Radio, you have some options as to how you conduct that interview. Below are some of those options in order of our preference. Our preference is based solely on the quality of the video content produced by the interview.

In Studio

The best possible scenario when you have an interview is to come to our Spring, Texas studios. This is going to offer the best setup, sound quality, and experience for the viewer of the video content. While this is not possible in all scenarios, it is preferable.  Here is an example of what an interview looks like done in person in our studio.

Here are some directions to the studio:

On Location

We do several remote broadcasts each year all over the state. If you want, we can schedule your interview in conjunction with one of our remotes and complete it on site in your metro area. Here is a list of remotes we have scheduled currently.

Via Skype

We are happy to conduct the interview via Skype. We can capture the video content from your webcam and make it look professional without your travel to our studio.

Via Telephone

In the event Skype is not an option, we can conduct the interview over the phone. We will need to get creative to ensure the video content is presentable, but it is a viable option for getting the interview done. Here is an example from our sister show, Houston Real Estate Radio.



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