We have found other media outlets and their programs to be rife with opportunities to form mutually beneficial relationships on an in-kind basis. Here are some of the ways we have found to help each other.

What can TBR do for their Media Partner?

We can do several things for our Media Partners that they find beneficial.

  • Treat them as a sponsor – We can treat the media platform as a show sponsor, promoting whatever they want. This can include signage in the studio, banner ads on the website, audio ads during the broadcast, video ads on the video content, segments on the show, etc.
  • Remote Broadcasts – When we have remote broadcasts in your metro area, you are welcome to participate, be present, and co-exhibit with us. This can be a trade show, business event, etc.
  • Showcase their talent / programs – We can give an outlet to some of your talent and give them  easily sharable, high production value video content of their interview.
  • We are also open to providing increased visibility to any kind of awards programs or special showcases you offer.

What does TBR need from their Media Partner?

There are several ways that the Media Partner can show value to TBR:

  • Content – The media platform can provide access to staff or relationships with high quality subject matter experts on a variety of topics. These tend to be high quality guests and interviews. As we send out future show topics, suggestions and access to experts is a big help to us.
  • Sponsor Relationships – Especially for programs in metro areas where we are not physically located, introductions to logical sponsor partners that have an ongoing relationship with the media platform is very helpful. We are wide open to the concept of using our platform as an augment to your sponsor offerings. The more of these introductions turn into TBR sponsors, the more we can do for the media platform. We will bring the media platform up to the level of sponsorship paid for by introduced sponsors.
  • Treat TBR as an in-kind sponsor – When you have special events related to your university / program, treat TBR as an in-kind sponsor to increase our brand awareness.


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