Thank you for being a valued sponsor of Texas Business Radio. As we get you and your company set up, there are a few things we will need to get started.


We are going to need a high resolution version of your logo. A vector format version of your logo is best (.eps or .ai or in some cases a .pdf). If one is not available, a pixel based version with a high resolution is acceptable (.jpg or .png). The larger, the better.

That logo will allow us to make several products for you.

  • You Banner Ad – We build these ads 2000 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall (72 dpi). We welcome your input as to the message, artwork, and link destination of this ad. See example below.


  • Your Studio Signage – Your studio signage is 24″x36″ (300 dpi). Simpler is better with these. We recommend a logo, tag line, and website. We will design the artwork, print the sign, and have it displayed in the studio. If you would rather your graphics team design the artwork, please have them send us the print-ready art (art specs: 300dpi CMYK 24″x36″ plus 1/4″ bleed each side). See example below.
Example of signage in the RREA Media Studio.

Example of signage in the RREA Media Studio.

  • Your Video Sponsor Introduction – This is a short intro for the segments you sponsor (“This video is brought to you by…”). This is just a logo and a website (see below for an example).

Video Commercial

For the segments you are the video sponsor for, in addition to the sponsor introduction (example above) video at the beginning of the segment, we also run a commercial (up to 90 seconds) for you at the end of the segment.

These video commercials can take one of several forms:

  • Example 1 – We can make a quick logo reveal video for you (“special thanks to the team at…”) at no additional cost.
  • Example 2 – We can run a preexisting video that has already been made for your company. This could be a television commercial or a promo video that you already have.
  • Example 3 – We can slightly modify that existing video and customize it for you. This works well of you have a video made for a corporate entity but want to send viewers to a particular office withing that corporate entity.
  • Example 4 – You can have RREA Media produce a video for you to use as your video commercial and for you to use other places as well.
Example 1

Strategic CFO

Example 2

Amegy Bank

Example 3

Zippy Shell

Example 4

Corporate Finance Associates – Houston

Audio Ad

You have some options when it comes to your audio ad. We are very flexible when it comes to the length of the ad. If you have 60 seconds of commercials per show, you can make one 60 second ad, have a 30 second ad that runs twice, a 15 second ad that runs four times, etc.

You also have some options as to what kind of ad you run.

  • Example 1 – You can send us an ad that has already been produced for you and run elsewhere. We are happy to run it.
  • Example 2 – We are happy to produce your ad using professional voice over.
  • Example 3 – We can produce your ad using one of our hosts as an endorsement ad.
  • Example 4 – We can produce the ad using you as the voice talent.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3 - Shannon Register, Host of Houston Real Estate Radio, VO for Chicago Title Ad
Example 4

Mug Shot / Bio

If part of your package is being listed as a contributor, we are going to need a couple of things to get you set up.

  • Bio – We are going to need a bio on your contributor. Anything in the 2-3 paragraph range will be sufficient.
  • Head Shot – Please send a head shot photograph of your contributor. Higher resolution the better. Please send one with at least 600 pixels to a side. If you do not have one, please coordinate with the RREA Media team to come and have one taken.
  • Social Media Links – Please send any links to social media accounts that you are comfortable sharing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc).


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