1. Once the interview is over, RREA Media will produce the video of the segment no later than the broadcast of that segment. Please keep in mind that the broadcast schedule is somewhat fluid and subject to change. We strive to have the videos completed in a timely fashion, the segments set to broadcast sooner have priority.

2. Once the segments are complete and ready to broadcast, RREA Media compiles the segment interviews, commercials, and other audio elements into the hour long broadcast for each market. We will do our best to keep you informed as to when the segment will broadcast. Please also keep in mind that our air times and stations are subject to change. We are a growing show and are constantly striving for a larger and larger audience.

3. We continuously strive for improvement. One of the best tools for this is your feedback. Please take a moment and complete the short post-interview survey (available via the button below) and give us some feedback on how we did.

4. If you would like to use the video of your segment for your own use (and we recommend you do), we ask that you help us defray some of our production costs by purchasing a license to use the video on social media, email blasts, your website, etc. The license is $500 and can be paid by check to:

You can send a check to:

Texas Business Radio
C/O RREA Media
1614 Louetta Rd. Ste I
Spring, TX 77388

or you can pay online via credit card via the button below.

5. In conjunction with the broadcast, we will do everything we can to distribute your segment online. The video will be displayed on the front page of Texas Business Radio from the morning of the broadcast until the morning of the next broadcast. It will be available in the Texas Business Radio video archives, podcast archives, and iTunes podcast as well. We will push out links to the content several times on several Twitter accounts as well as publish the content on Facebook and various other online locations.

You can find some techniques we have found effective for distributing your segment video yourself via the button below.



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