When we broadcast the show from a remote location, we need to have all of the equipment available to broadcast live or record the show for later broadcast as well as capture video of the broadcast for use on the website and social media. This is a lot of equipment and takes some time to set up. We have a couple of options when it comes to our setup. Which of the two options below we use will depend on the time we have to set it up, location of the event, duration of the event, audience, etc.

You can see these two options each look attractive and provide for a great presentation.

Option 1

This is our most flexible option. This consists of a small table, a travel box with the equipment, and assorted lights / speakers. This option allows us not to need vehicle access or large freight elevators to get the equipment where it needs to be. Below are some photos and videos of what this setup looks like.

We also have a full truss system to be able to set up outside or in large venues for a very professional presentation.

TBR introduction segment from a conference in April 2016.

TBR broadcasting from a conference in April 2016.

Option 2

With this option, we will need a little more space. The booth is heavy and will require either vehicle / trailer access to the booth site or enough room to get the unit to the broadcast area. Below are a couple of pictures of what our broadcast booth looks like set up at a tradeshow as well as a couple of examples of segment videos from a remote broadcast.

TBR introduction segment from a trade show in late 2015.

TBR broadcasting from a trade show in late 2015.



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