Thank you for your interest in having Texas Business Radio broadcast from your event. If this is an event we feel is of interest to our listeners, we are more than willing to broadcast remotely and provide you with publicity, an attendance draw, PA capability, video content to share with your attendees, and more! To quickly determine availability and pricing, please contact Matt Register at 713.302.3240.

What is Texas Business Radio?

Texas Business Radio is a new, fast-growing business news and information talk show broadcasting across the state of Texas (see the front page for air times / locations). The primary market of the show is middle market business owners and business leaders. Guest on the show include CEOs, service providers, economists, lawmakers, and anyone else that effects that business environment.

TBR is produced by RREA Media, a local veteran-owned small business that produces audio and video and develops websites for many businesses across the state. RREA Media also produces the Houston Real Estate Radio show, KTRH’s flagship Sunday show.

More than a radio show, TBR is a trans media platform that takes advantage of the technology available by capturing each second of radio and repurposing that content for online use. The show is produced in the RREA Media studios in Spring, Texas using a six camera setup. On location, they use a custom built broadcast booth with a three camera setup. That video content of the show is shared online through websites, social media, and mass email.

Where does it air?

We can be heard all over the great State of Texas on the following stations / times:

  • KPRC AM950 Houston - 6PM Saturdays
  • NewsRadio 740 KTRH Houston - 11AM Central Sundays
  • iHeartRadio - 6PM Saturdays KPRC, 11AM Sundays KTRH
  • iTunes - On Demand

What does it look like?

We have a couple of options when it comes to remote broadcasts. For remote broadcasts, we pick the equipment package most appropriate for the event, venue, audience, and space available. As all of our broadcasts are captured on audio as well as video, having a camera ready, attractive space is important to capture the interviews in a way that will have the impact we want. Take a look at some of the options we have available and you will see what a TBR broadcast could look like at your event.

What will TBR do for your event?

When we are broadcasting from your event, you will receive:

  • We will have a segment the week before the event as a preview. The guest can be a representative of the event or a headliner. The interview can be in person (in our Spring, Texas studios), via Skype, or telephone.
  • We will give you two to four segments on the show during the event. You can use these segments to showcase a major sponsor or use these segments yourself.
  • If the event is something you want to publicize, we will run 2×30 second commercials for you each week for three leading up to your event. These can be commercials that are previously used and produced by you or a commercial scripted by you and produced by us.
  • Licenses to use all of the photos / videos at the event for your own marketing use on your website, social media, etc.
  • We can play music when we are not doing a segment if this is something you want.

What does TBR need from event?

This is what we will need to be successful:

  • space – We will need an area to set up of at least 10’x15′.
  • electricity – We will need to plug in to your venue’s power grid to run our broadcast desk. For outdoor events we have the ability to bring our own generator.
  • tickets – We want event passes to get our crew into the event.
  • internet connection – We need an internet connection for the booth. For outdoor events (and some indoor events), we can use our own 4G wifi.

What does it cost?

This will directly depend on the amount of time, energy, cost, and effort there it in doing a great job for you. The biggest determining factors are travel time, length of the event, space available, audience size and make up, etc. There may be circumstances where we would be interested in exchanging an event sponsorship for payment or partial payment.

We can determine pricing for you quickly. Please reach out to Matt Register directly at 713.302.3240 or use the contact form below.

Additional Services

Through RREA Media, we can offer the following services for your event in addition to the broadcast:

  • Videography – We can have multiple cameras to produce video content of your event.
  • Photography – We can have one or more still photographers on site document your event and attendees.

Contact us today for pricing and availability.



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