Once we started telling people about our idea to create a new digital-content driven radio program, we were surprised at how well it was received. We had so many colleagues and peers ask how they could help. Many wanted to become a part of the program but couldn’t be a sponsor themselves or convince their company to sponsor.

The overwhelming number of people who wanted to help, made us realize we had missed an important and significant element in of our business plan. There was no vehicle for individuals to support the show. Well, that glaring flaw has been fixed. We have created two important levels by which our supports can help us and, in return, receive some appreciation from us. Introducing the TBR Patron and TBR Associate:


The TBR Patron role is a no cost opportunity for our friends, fans, and supporters to become actively involved in TBR’s success.

We ask our TBR Patrons to help us by:

  • Recommending new themes and ideas that might improve the TBR program,
  • Introduce TBR to their clients, friends and advisors who might have an interest in appearing on or supporting TBR, and
  • Serve as an informal survey participant when, from time to time, matters come up relating to the program.  This means our Patrons will get an occasional email asking their opinion, ideas, or introductions relating to scheduled topics and themes. (About 3 or 4 times a year)

In return for their help and support, TBR Patrons will be:

  • Able to earn ‘in store’ credit of 10% of any revenue their introductions bring TBR (Patrons can actually become a regular contributor on the show at no cost),
  • Provided a ‘TBR Patron’ badge which can be used on business cards, websites, etc., and
  • Receive an invite to our Staff, Sponsor, Patron’s social events, a chance to mix with other business owners, sponsors, and supporters.


We like to call our TBR Associates our super-Patrons. TBR Associates are those supporters who annually recommend six or more business leaders or one sponsor to the program. We like to invite our Associates to participate and assist at various events where TBR is doing a remote recording such as at a conference, sponsor’s function, out-of-Houston event. It is an opportunity for our supporters to meet many of the CEOs and business leaders who are drawn to or scheduled to appear on TBR.

In return for their help and support, TBR Associates will be:

  • Listed on our website, if they so chose, with a picture, short bio and a link to their personal/business website.
  • Earn ‘in store’ credit of 20% of any revenue their introductions bring TBR (Associates often earn free segments and videos on the program),
  • Serve as a pool from which we chose ‘Guests Hosts’ to appear on the program as co-host with either Matt or Jay,
  • Occasionally are asked to attend conferences and remote recordings to meet visitors and encourage them to appear while Matt and Jay are recording at the facility. This is an excellent opportunity to meet business leaders.
  • Will be provided, if desired, the print-ready artwork for TBR business cards either separately or on the back of their current business card.

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