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One of the primary benefits of being a guest on Texas Business Radio is that video content that can be found and seen for a long time. You have several ways to ensure that the video of your segment is seen. Here are a few techniques we have found effective.

Social Media

The week of the broadcast, tell your friends, family, coworkers, clients, and potential clients about it. Let them know you are going to be on the show and when and where to tune in. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are particularly effective at this. Provide a link to the show and/or any photographs you took at the taping of the segment.

Tags are the secret to social media. If you tag the show or any of the participants of the show, we will re-share your posts with our audience.

Once the segment airs, embed a link to the video and share it with the world.

Email Blasts

Send the video out to your database. As a best practice, do not send the text link to the video. We have seen huge multiples in click-through rates by embedding a screenshot of the video with a play button on it as a link to the video, rather than a a simple text link. Users all know what that play button means and clicks on it thinking it is embedded.

Your Website

Embed the video on your website, on your blog, anywhere you want people to see you as the expert.


I have seen guests embed the link to their video in the signature line of their work email. I have also seen guests use their segment as an FAQ they send to prospective clients to answer some of their questions.



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