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We appreciate the opportunity to present a proposal of how Texas Business Radio can assist Texas Mutual in getting the message out about their products. As outlined below, we recommend becoming a state level sponsor of the show. There are also some add-on opportunities you may be interested in.

We are a show created by businessmen who are learning radio, not radio professionals trying to learn business. We understand business, we have run businesses. We work with CEOs everyday. We understand the role of workers compensation insurance and the importance of worker safety.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Matt Register

Texas Business Radio

Managing Director and Principal
Corporate Finance Associates

Jay Curry

Texas Business Radio

Master Chair
Vistage International

State Level Sponsor

Our state-level sponsorship is designed for large corporate sponsors that need a state-wide audience. This premium level sponsorship package consists of several features (described in detail below) across the breadth of our offerings, from broadcast audio to our video content.

** Sponsor Loyalty Guarantee**

As we continue to grow, our sponsorship prices will rise accordingly. As a continuous sponsor, you will not feel the effects of these price increases. We will honor the original prices agreed upon when you first became a sponsor as long as you are a continuous sponsor.

State Level Sponsorship ($3,500 / Month)(12 month contract)

  • :90 seconds of audio ad/week broadcast in all markets
  • No less than 2 video sponsorships / month
  • Premium studio signage
  • Premium banner ad (double height, top of the page)
  • Industry exclusivity
  • 2 Audio Mentions (“this segment brought to you by…”) / Month
  • A segment on the show every other month (6 total for this contract)

Explanation of Features

Audio Ads

Your :90 of audio ads can be broken up however you like. We can run 3 x :30 or 6 x :15 or even 9 x :10. We can run the same ad each time or we can run different ones. You can provide the ads or we can produce them. This is up to you.

Video Sponsorships

Example segment. Note the intro and the commercial after the segment. 

Video sponsorships consist of two things:

  • a :06 video introduction with your logo. (“this segment brought to you by…”)
  • a commercial at the end of the segment. This commercial can be anywhere from :30 to 2:00. This is usually a web video already produced by the sponsor. If you don’t have one you want to use, we can make you a quick logo reveal with a “special thanks to the team at Texas Mutual” message on it. We can always make you what you want through RREA Media.

Studio Signage

We place a 3’x5′ poster advertising Texas Mutual behind the main host and in the camera shot of the host. The position of the poster will vary and in some segments the poster is more visible than others, but it is a plug for your company in the video which will be around long after the segment airs on the radio.

An example of studio signage behind the main host. 

Premium Banner Ad

Screenshot of the front page with the top banner ad section highlighted.

Most of our banner ads are 2000px wide X 200px tall. We will display a 2000 px X 400px tall XL size premium banner ad with billing in the top section of the website. This banner can be directed to the destination of your choosing. You can provide the artwork or we can produce the artwork.

Industry Exclusivity

This is self explanatory. We will not have another workers comp insurance provider as a show sponsor as long as you are a state-level sponsor of Texas Business Radio.

Audio Mentions

During the broadcast audio, a pre-recorded message of “this segment is brought to you by Texas Mutual” will play no less than two times / month.

Show Segments

We can do your show segments a couple of different ways. Some sponsors choose to spread them out and have different employees as the interview subject. Some choose to have a company spokesman do all of the interviews. Some choose to use them as a means of rewarding customers. Some even use this as a sales tool to get prospective customers into the studio. We are wide open to how you choose to use these.

An example show segment with one of our sponsors.

Add-on Opportunities

Content Opportunities

We have a couple of content opportunities that we treat as add-ons to our sponsorship packages. We offer special segments, that are 2 minutes in length and run during commercial breaks, and regular segments, that are 10 minutes in length and run as a full segment of the show. They are described below.

Special Segment ($800/month add-on)

A special segment is run during a commercial break and is roughly 2 minutes in length. These can be done in a few different ways. They can be done by a designated employee of Texas Mutual in person in our Spring, Texas studios. They can be done by a designated employee of Texas Mutual via Skype. They can be done by a designated employee of Texas Mutual and the footage shot and delivered to us to produce the end product. We can also have one of our hosts present the material.

These special segments will be described as “Texas Business Radio presents, name of segment, brought to you by Texas Mutual.”

Regular Segment ($1,500/month add-on)

A regular segment is a 10 minute segment that will be branded for you that will air as a regular segment on the show. This will be an interview, conducted by the hosts of TBR, with guests of your choosing. This will be a themed regular segment.

As an example, we are getting ready to launch a regular segment for Salesforce called “Spotlight on Texas Innovation“. Once a month, one of our segments will be a guest of their choosing that has a particularly innovative business model. The segment will be branded for them (“Texas Business Radio Presents, Spotlight on Texas Innovation, brought to you by Salesforce.)

Example Special Segment 

Example Regular Segment 

Event Opportunities

When we do remote broadcasts, we offer a title sponsorship. When we do remote broadcasts, we generally conduct more interviews than we need. We will generally choose four (4) of the interviews to make up a show about the event that will air the next weekend. We will also take the additional interviews and air them over the next several weeks as they fit into show themes. When you are the title sponsor for an event / trade show, this is what you receive:

  • Our booth referred to (on air and off) as the “Texas Mutual Broadcast Booth” during the event, including advertising for the event and social media posts for the event.
  • Your graphics surrounding the show logo on the main monitor in the booth indicating the “Texas Mutual Broadcast Booth.”
  • You will have the opportunity to co-exhibit with us at the event. You can have a representative operate out of our booth (generally a 20’x20′) and speak to the attendees / other exhibitors directly.

Title Sponsorship is a $2,500 / event add-on



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