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Texas Business Radio is a syndicated radio show that covers news, events, and business happenings all over the great state of Texas. Host Matt Register, entrepreneur and investment banker, and Jay W. Curry, author and entrepreneurial coach, bring you special guests and experts from all over the business community.

If you haven’t guessed from listening to the show, Matt and Jay are not radio guys. They are business guys. Both have a passion for business growth and maximizing value in a business.

How did the show get started?

It is amazing the winding roads entrepreneurs often take. Below is the story of the birth of Texas Business Radio.

While Matt is an investment banker with Corporate Finance Associates, his wife, Shannon, is a real estate broker and they own Register Real Estate Advisors. When they started the brokerage in late 2010, they put some audio and video production capability into the brokerage to sell houses. This division of the real estate company would eventually be incorporated separately and become RREA Media.

RREA Media learned the radio production business through Shannon’s show, Houston Real Estate Radio, which has been on the air since May of 2012 and is now found on NewsRadion740 KTRH in Houston.

In the summer of 2015, Matt joined one of Jay’s Vistage Trusted Advisor groups for his investment banker activities. This is a peer-to-peer networking group for trusted advisors (bankers, lawyers, accountants, etc.) who serve Vistage size business owners. Jay called Matt wanting to learn more about his business. As fate would have it, Matt was at Shannon’s real estate office instead of CFA’s galleria office. When Jay saw the studio and heard the remarkable story of Matt and Shannon’s success in using radio to enhance their guest’s reputation and then repurposing video of each interviewee for perpetual web exposure, Jay became adamant; Matt had to develop his model for Houston business. Matt and his CFA partner, George Walden, had brainstormed the concept many times. When the meeting ended Matt asked Jay to join him in creating Texas Business Radio.

With two careers full of experiences and knowledge of business growth and value creation, the equipment and knowledge to execute a radio show, and the network in the business community and the communication industry, it was a no-brainer.

Show Premise

Texas Business Radio seeks to attract the small to medium size business leader/owner by offering interesting stories brought by successful business leaders and advisors. Each week’s program focuses on a theme meant to attract business owners such as “reducing healthcare costs” or “managing through a tough economy”. Each program includes four guest interviews and one or more short sponsor segments such as Texas Energy Update or the Fraud Protection Minute.

To entice special guests, TBR offers two benefits: the opportunity to enhance their own credibility by being interviewed as an expert on a statewide business talk radio program and the option to buy the IP rights to a high-definition video of that interview. The video is loaded with keywords will remain on the Internet for perpetual use.

Concept and Mission

The concept of Texas Business Radio is to use radio for a purpose and then use professional grade, high definition video to repurpose the radio program. The focus is on meaningful themes and best business practices. The mission of Texas Business Radio is to help Texas business leaders become better leaders, living better lives.

Where can I hear the show?

We can be heard all over the great State of Texas on the following stations / times:

  • KPRC AM950 Houston - 6PM Saturdays
  • NewsRadio 740 KTRH Houston - 11AM Central Sundays
  • iHeartRadio - 6PM Saturdays KPRC, 11AM Sundays KTRH
  • iTunes - On Demand

Who are the guests on the show?

The show’s guests include:

  • CEOs
  • Service Providers
  • Book Authors
  • Experts
  • Economists
  • Lawmakers
  • Anyone who effects the environment for that CEO or business leader

If you know of someone that would make a great guest on the show, please send us a note and let us know.

Who are the sponsors on the show?

The show’s sponsors include:

  • B2B Service Providers
  • B2C Higher End Consumer Goods

At TBR, we are in a very blessed position with sponsors. We are able to choose the business that we do business with, trust, and like. We encourage you to visit our sponsors. They are the best in the business at what they do.

If you know of someone that would make a great sponsor for the show, please send us a note and let us know.

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